Brandon Fisher is Back! ARCs Now Available!

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Silent Graves, the second in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series, as February 12th. This book follows Eleven published in 2011. 

Here is some more information on the book itself, and how you can get an advanced reading copy just by agreeing to review it honestly when it's released.

Thirty missing women in the period of six years. Now another has been abducted.

One officer was right all along. Prince William County, Virginia has a serial killer preying on women.

With the recent abduction, the FBI is called in and Brandon Fisher's team gets the assignment. There is more to it than just one missing woman—this dates back decades. They delve into the past cases, hoping it will shed light on the investigation, but with the discovery of a body and the report of another missing woman, their efforts are further intensified. They begin narrowing in on the cases from the last six years.

What they find are heinous acts that rival what they witnessed in Salt Lick, Kentucky. They must stop a killer who plays out his twisted game of rape and torture—and they need to do so fast if there's going to be anyone left to save.

Note: Silent Graves contains violence and some graphic scenes which may not suit some readers.
This is the second in the Brandon Fisher FBI series, but it is not necessary to have read Eleven first.

ARCs are now available in exchange for honest reviews

What is an ARC? 
Advanced Review Copy

How does an a ARC differ from a regular book? 
An ARC is generally a paperback or eBook edition that is not complete -- it may lack a final proofread and/or its final cover. 

Who should request an ARC?
Readers who enjoy a darker read with intrigue, or those who enjoyed Eleven, the first in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series. By accepting an ARC, you are agreeing to leave an honest and fair review of this book by Feb 12, 2014. 


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