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Read an Excerpt from Ties that Bind I Haven't Shared Before...

Ben Wallace has a brand new site for the purpose of showcasing " That Part Where ", exciting scenes from author's books. I am honored to be a part of it and submitted a scene from Ties that Bind that I've never shared online before. It's " That Part Where " Madison Knight and Terry Grant find the second victim.  Here's a little teaser, but you can catch the rest on Ben's site. Chapter 27 from Ties that Bind Madison couldn’t maneuver her way through the mass of lazy Sunday drivers fast enough.  And she found herself doing what she preferred not to do en route—speculate.  The fact there was another necktie of the same brand was too much to ignore.  That piece of evidence had never been released to the media so it ruled out a copycat.  It meant her inclination to believe Laura was an isolated incident was incorrect.  Were they looking for a serial killer? Both victims were women.  Possibly because he could overpower them, or maybe he

"Write a Damn Good Book"

The above-noted advice came from a traditionally-published author who was a panel at the Bouchercon Convention. As writers, that's our goal, is it not?  We want to write, not just an okay novel, but a "damn good" one.  But, it might not be as easy as it sounds. After all, we have a lot to balance--a personal life, domestic responsibilities, secular obligations, and the list goes on. With all of this encroaching in on us, how are we supposed to find the time to dedicate to our next great novel? As career-minded writers, from the beginning it is impressed upon us that we need to have an active Twitter account, a blog, a website, an online presence that extends to Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, I missing any? But the advice received from this panel was to focus, first, on the writing. Other comments added were, 'if you're not a blogger, don't blog', 'if you don't like Twitter, don't tweet'.  You get the point. The ultimat

Giveaway Winners are Announced!

Around 500 entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card in celebration of my latest release, Found Innocent (A Madison Knight Novel) .  These people did what was necessary to qualify, some entering multiple times.  Thank you for making the giveaway a success! The winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card is: Michael P. I also want to thank every blogger who hosted me and helped get information on my new release out there.  Look at all of them: Katie Jennings A.M. Day Cover Host Magdalena Vandenberg Reggie Ridgway Christina OW Karina Gioertz Betty Dravis Joni Parker Sandy Wolters Marianne Spitzer Kenneth Hoss Daniel Troupe Olivia Martinez Jennifer Chase Carmen DeSousa Darcia Helle Katharina Gerlach Stacy Juba Charmain Brackett M.J. Kane Luciana Thank you, ladies and gents.  I really appreciate you.  And, as promised, one blogger is being awarded a $25 Amazon Gift Card as well. The winning blogger is: Stacy Juba Congratulations t