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Don’t Let Poor Editing Ruin Your Novel

The other week on Facebook, an author posed this question to her friends: ‘While I know both are very important, if you could only choose one which would it be—a professional editor or a graphic designer?’ For some this could be a challenging question, but her friends got it right.  While the importance of an attractive and eye-catching cover cannot be dismissed editing can really ‘make or break’ you as an author. Think of this way, whose name is on the book?  That’s right.  Your product, your book, has your name—and your reputation—riding on it.  Notice that I termed your book as a product? That is the first key to success.  Writing is a business. When you start out in the publishing world, everything can seem overwhelming.  By this point you should have established a following online via Twitter, Facebook, a blog, and possibly on other media sites such as Google+ and PinIt. These networks afford you excellent opportunities and before you publish, you should make

Dinner for Two, Life Sentence #SampleSunday #8Sunday

In just about 37 days, Life Sentence will be here!  Here's today's sample: Excerpt from Life Sentence ,  Chapter 11 "Bryan, what a wonderful day." Jessica sat across from him, her face glowing from the massage earlier and the champagne. Her eyes were glassy exposing the extent of her relaxation. Smiling at him, she reached her hand across the table for his. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." Bryan returned her smile and squeezed her hand. After the spa treatment in their suite, they had a nap followed by lovemaking. Now they were both seated at a table in the resort's world-renowned restaurant.  A brick fireplace the height of one wall appeared to be twenty to thirty feet high. The tables were draped with red cloths, the lighting dim, and a candle centerpiece burned on each table. The famous Frank Sinatra crooned You Go to My Head adding to the  ambience .  "So you'd come back again?" She tilted her h