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Authors are People Too

When we pick up a good book, we escape into it. Our own world, our problems, our stresses fade to the background. Our concerns transfer to the character, what they undergoing and how they will overcome their situation. Very rarely do we even consider the author who created these people, or how their life experience factored into what we are reading. Then there are others of us who want to know about the person behind the book. For some a picture and a brief biography will suffice, but others want to know their favorite author more intimately. At great expense, they follow them to book signings, and/or writer’s conventions. Do these authors let it go their head? I found in my experience at Bouchercon that even among some of the larger names out there, they were very sweet and down to earth people. They were willing to let others into their life whether it be by sharing their experience, or telling us what they typically do on a Sunday morning. I found this level of intimacy, or

Bouchercon2013 in Albany, NY

This year has included a lot of firsts for me. One of them was attending the writer’s conference, Bouchercon , in Albany, NY. They hold this event every year, in different locations. What had started off as uncertainty--I was going with an author friend I hardly knew, and leaving my husband (and dogs) for five days--quickly transformed into what was the next logical step for my growth as a professional author. As authors, one of our strengths is observation and I learned a lot just through listening and studying other people. I took “notes” from other authors who have met great success in the publishing industry. I was able to meet and interact with avid readers, in person, and get feedback as to what they look for in a book. I had discussions with corporate chain book buyers and independent bookstore owners.  These perspectives have melded to provide an overall solid picture of the business. I brought home with me all of this and more. (I’m not even going to get into a

My First Book Signing

Today I was honored to have my first book signing (one dream come true) along with 14 other authors. It was hosted by The Book Nook with Sarah, a Rogers television program, and was held at Chapters South (a second dream come true) in London, Ontario.  It was terrific fun to connect with so many readers and other local authors.  My interview airs on November 4th (to be on TV about my books, a third dream come true). Here are some pictures of the book signing: Me outside of Chapters South, London Sarah Hilton, the "Sarah" of The Book Nook with Sarah My set-up : ) The many wonderful authors that were there with me. They also have interviews that will be featured on The Book Nook with Sarah.

Goals--Why You Don’t Reach Them

Why don’t you reach goals you set? Often times, the answer is you. That’s right.  Think about this for a moment. The last goal you put in front of yourself--what was it? What kept you from reaching it? Most of us set a goal and then think about the obstacles that may arise on our way to reaching it. We contemplate how we will overcome these. Possibly we dwell a little too long on the “overall picture” and, in concept, what an accomplishment it would be. Maybe we’ve run through it so many times that when we actually go to work toward it, we’re exhausted.  Then there are those of us who have a doubting attitude from the start. Well, it would be great “if”, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it. Here I am speaking to you from experience! I had an “ah ha” moment the other day and realized why I don’t reach writing goals I set for myself.  See, it’s easy to pile on excuses. “Well, I have this book to edit.” “I have revisions coming back from my editor on this other book.”

My Soul is Not for Sale

Ever feel buffeted around like you're a floating ball on the water's surface, moved to and fro wherever the tide or wind blows? I'm sure most of have felt this way at some point.  This is when we let other people control our lives and/or take over our thought processes.  Again, it goes back to adage that others can only control us if we allow them to. So why do we allow them to creep in, to plant doubt, and in effect take control over our lives?  The simple answer: because we want them to. You're probably shaking your head right now are saying out loud "I don't want anyone to control my life".  Well, then, take control .   Stop paying any attention to those who would pull you from your life's calling or distort your dreams into a foggy haze.  Take control and live your life the way you are meant to, the way 'the universe' intended you to.   Focus on what is important for you and remain determined. Of course we all want to &q

Smile Because You Can

Ever start out your day thinking this day is going to be the worst ever? What if it's Monday--we all dread Monday, don't we?  Nope, and it doesn't have to be that way. I can say with honesty that I have experienced the power of positive thinking. In fact, most of us likely have at one point (or many more times, I hope) in our lives. This one morning I woke up in a miserable mood.  (Hey, it happens to the best of us.) I had decided 'you know what? This is how I feel, I have a right to feel this way, I might as well embrace it.' How do you think that day went for me? That's right. It was one of the worst days ever!  Everything went wrong from the moment I got to work until the time I got home that night. Nothing, and I mean nothing, went smoothly. Contrast that to a day I decided it was going to be a good day. I was going to take things as they came along. I was going to be patient and smile and not stress out about anything. How do yo

Cover Reveal: FOUND INNOCENT (A Madison Knight Novel)

Coming October 16, 2013 I'm excited to reveal the cover and official release date for the 4th book in the Madison Knight Series, FOUND INNOCENT . You also have the chance to request an ARC copy and read it before anyone else. There's one code when it comes to the wall of blue…and Madison Knight may have to cross it. Any good cop knows you never report a brother for mishandling a case or accuse him of misconduct, but in order to find justice, Madison may not have a choice. Lacy Rose had one goal for her twentieth birthday—to be found innocent of past sins—but her life is cut short. When Lacy's remains are found in a garden and the investigation becomes connected to a closed case, Madison must face her past. The lead detective on that case was Madison's ex-fiancé. At the risk of jeopardizing departmental relationships, and churning up the attention of an old flame at the same time, Madison must push hard before the guilty are found innocent. Request y