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Setting the Scene: POV Character

Last week I announced the start of a serial post on Setting the Scene . Today’s topic is establishing the point of view character. Most books that we read are told from the viewpoints of several characters. I find this tapestry to also be effective in managing the pacing of a novel.  The question that might come to mind is with all of these different people, how do I establish the POV character in a scene so that there is no confusion for the reader? As readers get to know your characters, they become familiar with mannerisms and outlooks, attitudes, etc, that form their viewpoints of situations, but we should never leave it up to the reader to solve the riddle.  Make it clear from the start of the scene who the reader is with. This can accomplished by simply using their name in the first paragraph or an action tag to dialogue if the scene opens with them speaking. Once you’ve established whose point of view we are in, don’t head hop . This habit, unfortunately, surface

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

No doubt you have a lot of goals you want to reach. Some days the sheer number of them can feel overwhelming and unattainable. How do you go from drowning, as it were, in a tide of to-dos and to actually getting things done? I’ve posted on this blog about time management recently and reaching goals. Three steps hold true. First you have to know what you want, second, you need to know to get there, and third do it. Let’s assume you already know what you want and know what you need to do in order to reach your goals. Thinking about leaping from the present to your future could make all efforts stop immediately.  But you are forgetting one thing--the process of getting there. I’ve learned in my life journey that there is a set time for everything. If it’s important it will get handled, but not without conscious effort. The most crucial thing I find I need to remember is that it’s not a race and the conclusion isn’t necessarily even the goal--the road there is, the journey.

Setting the Scene

Characters and plot are equally important to creating a world for our readers to escape into. Breaking down the plot, we realize it consists of many scenes that make up the collective as a whole. How can we effectively establish solid scenes? There are a few ways and I’ll be discussing them on this blog over the next few weeks. I’m not claiming that this list is complete, but it will provide a good point of reference. Here are the topics I’ll cover: -           POV Character . Make sure the reader knows whose point of view they are in immediately and stick with them. -           Location . What are your characters doing in the scene? Set this up early on. -           Colorful Descriptions by utilizing the 5 senses -       Purpose . Ensure that every scene is intrinsic to making a difference to the character or outworking of the plot

Writing Dark Subject Matter and Why I Do It

  I’ve written about strangulation ( Ties that Bind ), slit necks ( Justified ), drown victims ( Sacrifice ), men being eaten by dogs ( Assassination of a Dignitary ), torture and mutilation ( Eleven ), and now rape in Silent Graves . I’m even certain I’m missing some. Why do I write such dark subject matter? In simple response, these things scare me. If I write about what I fear then this is going to come across on the page. This built-in emotional connection will pass onto my readers and elicit a visceral response. Let’s face it if you’re a fan of the crime genre, you want to be taken to the edge. Not only do you want to have the intrigue of trying to figure out ‘who done it’, you want to experience something while you’re reading. Just as fans of romance want to feel the emotion of the characters’ love, of the trials they have to overcome to be together, crime fans want to be thrilled. I love finding justice for the victims, but I also have a need to understand why kill

Getting 3 Roadblocks Out of the Way -- Reach Your Goals

Most of us have goals, dreams, aspirations that we want to accomplish. It's no secret that if we want to these to see fruition, it takes effort and requires sacrifice. Do you find that you are constantly failing to realize your goals, or finish projects? If so, it's time to stop and think about what is stopping you from attaining them.  You might retort that life's responsibilities are getting in the way, maybe you're feeling discouraged and you let it sway your line of sight, or you came up with another idea and it's tarnished the sparkle out of the last one.  These are just a few things that can decide whether you're successful, or well, not being successful. Life's Responsibilities We all have them, and there's nothing that can be done about them unless we're rich and can pay people to take care of everything for us. Yet even the wealthy have family and friends and the commitment that comes along with those relationships.  How ca

Hart’s Choice – A Touching Weekend Read

Tessa came to me in the summer of 2012 and demanded I tell her story. How could I resist? For one, she was insistent, but it was really her charm and passion for life that infused me to action. Tessa has a intrinsic taste in classical music and was driven for a career in the arts when most women were getting married. She even performed in 1962 production of The Nutcracker in New York City . People who have read Hart's Choice are so touched by Tessa's story, they are moved to tears. It's even be said to me that maybe she lived in my house and that's why her life is so vivid on the page. You believe what you want to, but all I know is that this is one story that really touched my heart (and yes, I wrote it, but I'm just telling you how I feel). If your reading time is limited, or you're l ooking for a shorter read that will also touch your heart, Hart's Choice may be the book for you.  At only 17,000 words, it's an approximate two-hour read

10 Steps That Will Change The Way You View Time Management

As authors we have to balance a lot items on a to-do list. Not only do we have the professional aspects, which are plentiful, we need time to tend to other necessities. How do you go from procrastinating to actually accomplishing your goals? What if I told you that the following 10 steps have enabled me to become more organized than ever before? I am steadily working toward reaching my goals and even have time for relaxation and housework! 10 Steps that will change the way you think of time management: 1. Define your goal(s). 2. Visualize your goal as if it were already accomplished. 3. Transform your vision into color and imagery.  4. Get organized. 5. Double check that every step is accounted for.  6. Get organized. 7. Color code, or categorize activities. 8. Break it down. 9. Execute. 10. Bask in your accomplishments. Mark off your to-dos as they are accomplished. Now, let's discuss these steps in further detail. First Step Define your go

Brandon Fisher is Back! ARCs Now Available!

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Silent Graves, the second in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series, as February 12th. This book follows Eleven published in 2011.  Here is some more information on the book itself, and how you can get an advanced reading copy just by agreeing to review it honestly when it's released. Thirty missing women in the period of six years. Now another has been abducted. One officer was right all along. Prince William County, Virginia has a serial killer preying on women. With the recent abduction, the FBI is called in and Brandon Fisher's team gets the assignment. There is more to it than just one missing woman—this dates back decades. They delve into the past cases, hoping it will shed light on the investigation, but with the discovery of a body and the report of another missing woman, their efforts are further intensified. They begin narrowing in on the cases from the last six years. What they find are heinous acts th

2013 in Review

Another year has come to an end, and a new one has been ushered in. As with many people, I find it to be the perfect time to reflect on one's journey in the last year, bask in the accomplishments, and take pride in the hurdles that were overcome.  On a personal level, I discovered just how strong I really am. On a professional level, I came to realize that I can't imagine my life without writing being a huge part of it. I love bringing entertainment to my readers and providing them stories that they can enjoy in their precious moments of 'quiet time'. I THANK ALL MY READERS IN 2013. In case you missed it, 2013 saw the release of 3 full-length novels. If you haven't had a chance to check them out, you might want to. March 2013 Release:   Assassination of a Dignitary This book takes on the perspective of a main character who is a bad guy. He was a hitman for the Italian mafia, and when his past returns it puts his family in danger. August 2