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Do Your Characters Have an Inner Tormenter?

Most of us have things we reach for when we’re under stress.  We may not even realize we do so, or that we have these certain habits.  If I asked you to think about what the case is for you, what would come back with? Do you seek comfort in: Alcohol? Chocolate? Social Networking? Isolation? Loud music? Smoking? Doing drugs? Taking sleeping pills? Sleeping around? And potentially it could be a number of the things listed above depending on the motivating circumstances.  These habits, or “vices”, are usually the result of an underlying emotional condition.  Another noteworthy point, is some of these things do not even need to be done to access.  For example, alcohol.  A bad day can have you reach for a glass of wine, or it may be more extreme such as a bottle of wine, or maybe you drink everyday. Now while this isn’t a discussion on having people examine their lives (although it’s not really a bad thing to do periodically), it does help in strengthe

Did you know...

At the end of May, I was approached by Preethi Kashyap, Editor-in-Chief, of Inspiration Unlimited Magazine.  She found my blog to be inspiring and motivating and asked if I would be interested in submitting articles for their magazine.  I accepted her invitation. Since June, I have been honored to be featured in both July and August editions.  Here's a glimpse of the articles and links to read more. July Edition RUSTIC REJUVENATION  An article on how to break free of time constraints, and find renewed energy and motivation in life. "I just don't have the time." Ever hear yourself speak those words? It's quite possible you have, and on more than one occasion.  Life's responsibilities and endeavors seep in and take a lot of, not only our energy and money, but also our most valuable commodity-time.. . Read the rest of the article here . August Edition INFUSING LIFE INTO THE WORKDAY (page 13) Not interested or motivated when it c

Triple 7 Challenge

As tagged by Kenneth Hoss , I’m to share 7 lines from page 7 of my latest release, or 77 words from a work in progress. I’ve chosen to share a small excerpt from SACRIFICE (A Madison Knight Novel) : Stepping out of the morgue, Madison braced a hand on her hip above her holster.  “So, we’re left without an identity and only have a surmised cause of death.” “Richards seems pretty certain it was a drowning even though he didn’t want to speculate.”  Terry mocked the ME’s words. Madison had noted that too. Richards was typically a person who ran based on facts, not assumptions.  She had found it strange how he kept coming back to drowning as the COD without being certain.   ~~~ Now, it’s my turn to nominate 7 authors.  I pick: Katie Jennings Derek Graystone Kirkus MacGowan Richard C Hale Ann Swann Carmen DeSousa Harvey Burgess


Maybe the title of the post made you smile, the first thought being writers are the greatest procrastinators.   And while it’s true that we have the ability to network for hours, and let anything push our writing further along in a day (even doing the dishes), writers are a disciplined bunch. If we weren’t disciplined, first drafts would never be finished or seen through to the end.  In fact, I’d go as far to say that writers are a very hard working group of people.  We sacrifice time from family and friends to write, to edit, to pursue our passion—but that’s okay because we love writing. Now if you took the love of writing out of the recipe that would make an author, it would like leaving yeast out when you’re trying to make raised bread.  There would be no success. So we’ve established writers are hardworking, the question is can we go to the extreme with it?   Does our passion outweigh other important things in our life?   Or are things tilting the other way are ci

Sacrifice, the 3rd in the Madison Knight series, is Here!

I'm proud to announce that the third installment of the Madison Knight series, SACRIFICE , is now available for Kindle.  The paperback version will follow shortly. Although, I had anticipated releasing it back in June or July, I think it will have been worth the wait. Here is what some pre-reviewers have said: “ Sacrifice is fast-paced with unexpected twists and turns and sudden bursts of humor that make for a relaxed, enjoyable reading adventure...Arnold’s style is...a cross between Mary Higgins Clark and Janet Evanovich....”   —Betty Dravis, Award-winning Author and Journalist “If you’re a fan of Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles , then dive into the Madison Knight Series ...It’s a fast-paced, fun and absorbing ride...”   —Katie Jennings, Author of The Dryad Quartet Here's the book blurb: When the son of business tycoon Marcus Randall washes up on the shore of the Bradshaw River, Detective Madison Knight must sacrifice everything—inc