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"Why's Everybody Always Yelling at Me?" - Flash Fiction

As you've probably noticed, I'm enjoying flash fiction lately.  I find it inspiring and it doesn't take a lot of time.  Today, I'm doing something different.  I have a picture, but I've added it in as an afterthought.  The passage I wrote was based on 5 random words generated from an online, you guessed it, random word generator. : ) I'd love to read what you come up with too, so please leave me a comment. Here are the words:   head, respect, book, balancing, faucet All the time people are telling me I need to relax, and focus on balancing my priorites.   Read a book they tell me, but all I ask for is some respect.   I’m in my right head and just need to deal with the things the best way I know how.   I can still hear mom yelling out at me from downstairs. Maybe if I turn on the faucet the sound of the running water will drown her out... ~~~~ Okay, not my best piece by far, but it was fun --> your turn!

A Fisherman's Tale, Flash Fiction

The sun is warm, and the breeze is cool.  I sit on the wall like so many others, but I know I’m unique.  Yet I wonder how many of them are thinking in their silent thoughts about their wife, or children and providing the best possible life for them.  I never set out thinking I would be the man my wife would want, but I became that  man -- for her.  I still try and think of ways I could bring her more of what her heart desires.  Even as I think this, I see her warm hazel eyes peering in mine telling me, You are all I really need. But I cannot help but wonder, still, if there isn’t something more I could do to bring her happiness, and joy. A warbler cries from a nearby tree, leading my eyes to its branches.  I am irritated by the disruption in my thoughts, but as I turn back to look at the surface of the water, there’s a tug on my line.  As I pull back, I lift a small fish.  It struggles in a fight it can’t win.  Then the thought hits me, the fish is so simple yet he

Reclaiming My Soul, A Poem

There is light at the aperture but the darkness taunts me and pulls me back. It envelopes me and pulls me down. Sinking as if in mire, My dreams and loves suppressed. Suffocating and lonely A tortured soul How can I find the strength to move on. The voices haunt me, the judgement passing, Steal my breath. But deep within I know I must find the courage to soar To leave behind their solemn words. But see to them I must be as they say Conform to their life, And be their way. No love is worth this price to pay For in my depth I know one day The time will come for me to shine to rise above and claim what’s mine. I am liberated as a bird, Rising in the updrafts My plumes reach toward the sky. Liberated I carry on, One step forward, And none behind. One day when I awake, I know I will have found The belief in who I am renewed. The light will embrace me In its warmth And then I’ll know that I’ve come

Characters Should Have a Past

There are many elements that contribute to making for believable and relatable characters.  We know we need to assign idiosyncrasies, strong belief systems, weaknesses and strengths, qualities that make our readers fall in love with them, and other characteristics that reel them back.  Incorporating these variances create perfect characters because they come alive.  As is the case with real life people exhibit different facets to their personalities, and so should our characters. So what about back-story?  Maybe the word conjures up a negative connotation for you.  As we set out in our writing journey and hone our craft, we know we have to watch how we infuse this into our stories.  But today's discussion isn't so much on back-story and how to weave this in effectively.  (For a post on this see:   Incorporating Backstory .) Today, I'd like to focus on how a past assigned to our characters creates "real people".*  We're told to start our stories w

One Life-Changing Moment

There are moments in life I wonder if I will ever reach my dreams.  My goals are what many have called childish ambitions, driven by the heart of a young girl.  But I know I can have what I set out for--except for at times like this. The knock came on the door when I was making dinner.  Randy loved roast beef and I was going to surprise him with a mid-week “Sunday” meal.  I wondered why he had knocked, and didn’t just let himself in.  A smile graced my lips.  He was playing a game.  Maybe he had brought home roses for me.  It was our anniversary tomorrow. I looked at the clock and realized time had slipped away.  He should have been home over an hour ago.    My heart beat fast as I reached the front door.  Shadows of two figures darkened the white curtains on the sidelights. When I opened the door and saw the officers, my knees fell weak. “Are you Mrs. Stanton?” I nodded. The older one made the introductions, and added, “May we come in?” Time came

A Picture Says a 1000 Words....

Jeannie, my mother named me that after I Dream of Jeannie, if only my life were that easy.  The wiggle of a nose, and everything sets right.  Life had never been that way, and I never expected it to be. Sam told me loved me on my sixteenth birthday.  He handed me the purple flower many would call a weed, and tucked it behind an ear.  As he swept my hair back, he kissed me on the cheek and said I would always be his girl. Everything made sense then, the way the world worked, the boy gets the girl--and I was more than willing to be his girl.  But times changed, moments passed by, choices were executed, mistakes  were made. Fifteen years have passed, and my husband isn’t Sam.  I married up as they say.  Rich lives in a suit, and even stalks around the condo in one.  Luxurious surroundings, laid out by a professional decorator.  I feel a stranger in my home, the dark contrasts of textures are not my calling.  They don’t wrap around me, and embrace me in warmth. As I

Reggie Ridgway Interviews Me

This was originally posted to Reggie's site the end of last week.  Click here for the link to the original post.  Unfortunately, I'm not able to get to the site because my virus software keeps blocking it, but he went to a lot of work to ask great questions and I worked hard to answer them. Reggie Ridgway is the author of the recently released novel IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR . ~~~ Hi Carolyn.  Thanks for dropping by for an interview on characters well met.  I know you are busy and appreciate your time.  I have known you for about a year, I think I first saw you at #pubwrite.  You are one of the most prolific authors I have met since I started on twitter and I have been following your work and downloading your novels.  I have not finished the most recent one, but have enjoyed reading all of them so far.  I am a fan so it is with extreme pleasure for me to ask you some questions. Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog Reggie, it’s an honor.  I’m also very pleased to hea

A Special Day, April 20, 1996

Sixteen years ago today, I married the love of my life, George Arnold. To my husband: May you always know I will love you from the bottom of my soul, For the beautiful person you are and have come to be. As the years come and go, The more I know we were meant to be. You are my guiding light when things get rough, The savior for when the road is tough The beacon who helps navigate the seas, The man who I always dreamed one day would be. You are to me but the spark of my soul, A fire of breath who lights my wick You ignite my purpose and breathe into me life My best friend, lover and husband, A true gift. Our Wedding Song

I just released a short story!

If you love a mystery, and you love something compact, you may love my latest release - PEARLS OF DECEPTION .  It's a short coming in at 2700 words. Here's the "blurb": When Christina finds out her husband of twelve years is cheating on her she takes justice into her own hands. The question is: will she get away it?

Saturday Shivers - I'm LIVE today!

Join me for blog talk radio from 1-2pm Eastern today, hosted by Ashley Fontainne. Here's the link to listen in:   Saturday Shivers If you're able to tune in during the live show - wonderful! Callers-in are welcome.  Call 914-338-1414 If you are not able to tune in for the live show, you can always listen to it later at the above link. Happy Saturday everyone!

Cover Unveil for Sacrifice

I love it, and I hope you do too.  Here is the cover for SACRIFICE , the 3rd in the Madison Knight series, coming this summer.