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So You Wrote a Novel - Big Deal?

In one word, my answer is ABSOLUTELY!   Unfortunately, not everyone sees it the same the way.   Your fellow authors will, some readers will, and if you’re lucky your family and friends will.   But, one thing, I’m sure you’ll notice early on (and maybe you already have) the general consensus seems to be you wrote a novel, big deal. So, how do you deal with pushing forward in light of such a negative attitude around you?  Tune them out.  Simple, right?  Okay, maybe not so much.  At least it’s not easy all the time.  Some people tend to think all we do as writers is surf the internet and daydream (yes, we can do a good amount of that), BUT writing is hard work.  But, if it’s our passion the hard work is downplayed because it brings us pleasure and contentment. Still there is no denying that writing involves many hours, not just the writing of the first draft, but the seeing it through to the end, to publication, and that takes a lot of sacrifice.  But, as authors it is w