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Focus - 4 Steps

The word focus harnesses unlimited potential. Its execution is so powerful that kings have forged empires, masterpieces were created and legacies were left for the next generation.  This five-letter word has changed the course of history and continues to. The best part is that each of us have the ability to utilize its influence in, and over, our life. These days establishing clear focus can prove a real challenge. Obligations come at us from every angle that we become inundated and feel overwhelmed. In addition to the necessities of life, we have our passions and desires. How can we fit everything in? Again, focus comes into play. If we make a workable schedule, this allows us to stay focused on what needs to be done. For example, as an author, if we lay out a release schedule at the start of the year, we can break this down into small increments of time and know what we have to do, and when, in order to reach our targets. A good question is, how do we make a work