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Make the time to Play #AuthorTip

Writing a book takes a lot of time. Make sure to play along the way! As writers, we have so much on our to-do lists, and as professional authors, we have even more. The last post touched on just twelve tips that lead to self-publishing success, but there are so many other things involved. And implementing those twelve tips are time-consuming. (See post: 12 Things You Need to Know for Self-Publishing Success .) So how do you find time to take care of life’s other responsibilities as well as find time to play? You add it to your calendar! That sounds easy, but it can be a lot trickier adhering to it! But just like you schedule time for writing, you should allocate time for other aspects of your life as well. And play is very important. I think in today’s world where indie authors are encouraged to produce, produce, produce, it’s too easy to get caught up on the hamster wheel thinking that all sales will stop if we don’t have a new book out every two months. Isn’t it b