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Win a Signed Paperback!

I thought what better way to kick off a weekend then a giveaway – and I’m not talking about a free e-book.  I’m talking about a signed copy of TIES THAT BIND with a matching bookmark! Until September 30 th , comment here, share one of the tweets below and/or Re-tweet whenever I post a link for TIES THAT BIND to be entered for a chance to win!  You can even share on Facebook (if we're friends) by using my full name instead of my Twitter handle. It's that simple! Pick one or pick them all, but here’s what to tweet, and/or share on Facebook: Someone died every day.  Madison was left to make sense of it. - TIES THAT BIND by @Carolyn_Arnold #Kindle #Crime Night time was the enemy.With it came all the distorted twisted people bent on violence and destruction. @Carolyn_Arnold She barely possessed enough patience to wait in line for a Starbucks. TIES THAT BIND  @Carolyn_Arnold #Kindle #Crime She hated peopl

Come On, Speak Your Mind

Isn't it true there are a lot of things we think to ourselves but don't verbalize to the world around us? Sometimes we confide our true feelings in those close to us but not all the time.  There are things we think that race through our minds as a quick response to a given situation, then there are things that brew over time. What about you?  Ever think something you'd never dare to verbalize?  I know I have.

It's Complicated

Conflict, complications - isn’t that really what we live for as readers?  We want complex characters that are pulled and weaved through an intriguing plot.  Actually, what fun would it be if there wasn’t any conflict?  Would there even be a story? Think about real life.  How simple is yours? Maybe you’re going to tell me that you’re married to the perfect man, have the most obedient children, have a prestigious job where your boss idolizes you?  But I doubt it!  Life is riddled with complications – aka conflict. 

Remembering When

In memory of a father-in-law and friend I lost two years ago today.  Below is the poem I wrote for his memorial card. Remembering When When the colored leaves fall in early September There is always a man I’ll remember. A man with such love in his heart, Oh, where do I start?  How I sat in awe at the stories he told, None of them fabricated or taken from mold. He lived and he learned, And he passed it all on. How by the sweat of his brow, He taught us his trade. Was patient and loving, Despite the mistakes that we made. Remembering when he taught me to ride, My first bicycle, He was right by side. Remembering when we strummed a guitar, In a faraway place, In front of a crowd. Remembering when we danced in the dark And as the years carried on More willing than able, He still held me close and gave it a go. Oh how can I fill this void in my heart? But somehow I must… As the tears fall the memories help The way he would look at me, The glint in his eye, The love in his heart. O

It's Inspiring!

My last post discussed where I derived my inspiration to write The Madison Knight series, but what about inspiration in life, in general?  Where do you find inspiration?  On the days when you feel down, what makes you keep going?  Here's a few of mine. Hearing my husband say "I love you." Savoring an embrace with a loved one. Offering a hug to comfort someone. Laughing at a funny joke. Hearing the giggle of a young child. Sharing a smile with a stranger.

Honoring the “Brotherhood of Blue”

“Line-of-duty deaths jumped by 37% in 2010.” – CNN According to the Officer Down Memorial page, this accounts for 122 men and women who died while in the line of duty during 2010.  The statistics for 2011 show an increase of 17% in gunfire deaths, and a 6% increase in line of duty deaths. These men and women gave their lives while serving and protecting us. And this number could be combined with the many more who have fallen while in the line of duty around the world.  This number also doesn’t reflect the number of officers injured, some seriously (life changing). It makes my office job sound like a dream.  But every member of the “brotherhood of blue” knows the risks involved.  No call or traffic stop is routine.  No end of shift taken for granted.   So why do they do it? Courage, and a strong belief in finding justice. They ask the questions most of us wouldn’t want to.  They uncover what most of us wish to believe doesn’t exist.  They bring peace to where there’s chaos.  The