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Pen guns, a type of zip gun, have been utilized in many movies.  It brings with it the intrigue of spies and espionage.  You might remember the one used in US Marshals on the plane?

So what is a pen gun?  First of all, it is equally as deadly as a handgun loaded with the same caliber of bullet.  It holds one bullet. 

The pen gun made by Stringer is stainless steel.  It weighs five ounces and it’s five point six inches in length.  You can shave about one point four inches in the length when it’s folded and ready to use.

To load the weapon, you unscrew the barrel when it’s at full length.  To ready the weapon for use, you pull out on it slightly and bend it.  It makes a handle and exposes a small trigger.   

On the barrel, there is an arrow that points to one of two letters--S for safe, or F for fire.  You turn the dial until the arrow is lined up with F for fire and you’re ready to push up on the trigger.

Once the bullet has been fired, you put the dial to Safe position and return the gun to its full length state.  Then you remove the bullet casing. 

This is one of the guns Raymond Hunter uses in Assassination of a Dignitary, an upcoming release that will hit Amazon for Kindle March 14th, and in print April 2013.   You can also sign up to win a copy here.  

This post was the fourth stop on the Assassination Blog Tour, and originally on Andy Holloman's blog here.


  1. Great post, Carolyn. I always thought a pen gun was spending 3 hours writing three terrible pages that have to be cut out of my novel later :-) Were I to keep one of these real pen guns around, I'm afraid I might hurt myself when I discovered that those three pages had to be cut :-) Your upcoming book looks great!

    1. LOL, sounds like it might be best you don't have one around.

      Thank you, Tim.


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