Tuck and Roll - The Writer's Highway: Part One

Last week, I posted the introductory for a serial called: Tuck and Roll - The Writer's Highway.   If you missed the post last week, here it is.  

This series is meant to encourage and inspire you as a writer along your journey.

I brought out the illustration of a caterpillar.  Hence, the picture on this post.  We'll view this little guy as a sort of mascot the series.

So let's begin.  Today we'll discuss overcoming obstacles at these points in our journey:  Setting Out to Writer Your First Novel and Completing Your First Novel.

Setting out to write your first novel.
This is where the fun begins.  You're infused with a passion and characters who are demanding their stories be told.  What if they stop "talking" to you?  Ever have that?

What if you're going along and everything is coming along wonderfully…until…you're stuck.  How do you get your characters out of the situation they are in?  What's the next step?

Perhaps you panic, or worse yet put your writing aside and convince yourself you don't have what it takes to finish.

Load up the document on your computer or take out that notepad and get to work!  Books don't write themselves.  How will your characters ever get out of their situations without you?

Completing your first novel
First of all congratulations for coming this far! This is a lot of hard work!  You went through a lot to get to this point of accomplishment.  Not many even have the courage to start a novel, and here you've finished!

Mission accomplished?  Not yet!  You're still only setting out on your journey.  Maybe you're coming to realize this? Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by the implications of where you want this "writing thing" to go?

This could be one of the many points where you experience self-doubt.  But you better get used to these lows as they're par for the course as a writer.

You find yourself thinking negative thoughts.  My book isn't good enough to rescue!  Why did I bother it's not going anywhere anyhow?

Realize all writers go through self-doubt at different points. This won't be the first time you feel this way and it won't be the last.  Only by pushing through and continuing to write will you overcome these negative feelings.

Be sure to join us next week for Tuck and Roll - The Writer's Highway: Part 2 where we'll discuss:
Editing Your Novel
Receiving Criticism


  1. Tuck and Roll, baby! Fun post! I almost forget what it's like to be just starting out, just realizing the dream to complete a novel and finally sitting down with all your ideas...

  2. Thank you April. I agree - it's almost like another lifetime ago for me too.

  3. This sounds like a great series. I look forward to following it.


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