Reviews for ELEVEN are Coming In!

The reviews are starting to come in for ELEVEN.  Here's what some have had to say on Amazon.
5.0 out of 5 stars
 An intriguing mysteryNovember 7, 2011
Jennifer L. Schubert (FL)   

Eleven delves into the world of a serial killer who's left ten bodies and one final, empty grave. A team of profilers race against the clock to prevent the grave from being filled by one of their own.

Excellent characterization and pacing mark Arnold's well-written Eleven.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Suspenseful Crime FictionNovember 28, 2011
Rosemary Cochran (Finger Lakes Region, NY United States)
Eleven graves have been found, but only ten are filled. What is the significance of eleven? You'll feel like you are right there with the team of FBI agents as they race against time to stop the serial killer from filling the final grave. Their prime suspect is behind bars. Who is killing in his stead--and why? The ending will not disappoint.

Carolyn Arnold writes in a quick-paced style that I love. She has great dialogue. Her ability to build suspense hooks you from the first chapter. Arnold is a master at almost filling in the blanks--but then leaving you dangling.

My only disappointment was some language and a graphic scene near the end of the book. This keeps it from being a "clean" read, making it not possible for me to give the book the high personal recommendation that the writing warrants. Though unable to personally recommend this book to a conservative audience, I still gave the book a five out of five star rating to be fair to the author. Arnold deserves this high rating for the quality of the writing, the great characterization, and her skill in building suspense.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Great Read From Start To FinishNovember 24, 2011
Tina M. Samuels (Rome, GA)   

After reading "Ties that Bind" by Carolyn Arnold, I got "Eleven". I read it all in one evening, not wanting to wait til the next day to find out who did it and why. The end was well written and didn't disappoint. I recommend anyone who loves good fast paced well-crafted mysteries and thrillers to pick it up. Well worth $4.99!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Chillingly possibleNovember 30, 2011
D. L. Atkinson "David - artist" (Yorkshire)

The scenario for this book is not unfamiliar but the expertise of the author takes you into a darker place than any other I have read of late. A thrilling and terrifying read in a style that is both engaging and compelling. Well done and you deserve every success.

Be sure to download your copy of ELEVEN for Kindle, or order in print.


  1. Congratulations Carolyn! I knew you'd get great reviews....can't wait to read it :)

  2. Thank you Christine and Jennifer! :D

  3. Congratulations on the stellar reviews, Carolyn! I can't wait to read Eleven myself!

  4. Hi Jill, thank you - on both counts.

  5. I just discovered your blog, very glad I did. I have to say, I do love all your book covers, but Eleven is my favorite! Did you design it?

    Cheers and congrats on such great reviews!

  6. Welcome to my blog Steven, and thank you :) Actually, my husband does. I'm spoiled rotten. LOL


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