Too Many Decisions

Okay, so for the last couple of days, I've been torn between a few works of mine.  First off, I'm in the midst of writing my 7th novel, and it's coming along nicely, but I'm also trying to finish off a polished draft of a synopsis for my 2nd mystery.  And in the midst of this, I had sent a few chapters of another finished novel of mine to a beta reader.  These came back, and I'm all fired up ready to strengthen the book even further.  I had thought it was already, but her insightful questions have challenged me to ratchet it up even more.  I love it!  I love the challenge of it, and know I can meet it.  The problem here people?  I only have so many hours in a day.  I also have a full-time job that sucks 40 hrs out of every week (of course I'm thankful to be employed especially these days).   I know the pressure's coming from myself, the internal voice barking to get everything done now.  Maybe you've found yourself in the same place?  Maybe you are currently?

I woke up this morning and decided this:  first thing in the morning, I'll write the WIP, during my lunch breaks, and later parts of the day, these are open for synopsis writing, editing, or sending off queries.  I'm hoping some sort of "schedule" will help.  The only thing is, sometimes I just feel like ripping my work apart, editing, and tightening a synopsis.  What if it happens to be morning?  How can I tell myself, nope, it's not the right time slot? Sigh.

Maybe I should just tell "the voices" (don't worry they're the ones all writers hear, no one tells me to do bad things lol) to hush?  After all, what difference does it make if I finish something next week, as opposed to tomorrow?  Or next month, as opposed to next week?  While I believe in the importance of self-imposed deadlines, I also believe these need to be attainable, or it's just a set-up for disappointment.

How do you handle balancing all your projects?


  1. That sounds like a good plan. Good luck!

    I wrote a similar post last night--"Wherein I complain a bit, then make a plan"--as I'm also having trouble balancing my projects. If you'd like to read it, you can find it on my blog:

  2. I have the same time management problem. I am not in the mood to write after I get home from work. I need mood music and a quite background. I also set deadlines and it pushes me forward. Of course, my characters pop up in my head throughout the day and pester me.

  3. This is a real dilemma. Some writers solve it by getting up early - five o'clock at the latest - and working for a couple of hours before the normal day takes over. It's hard.

    Even without a 9-5 job these days, that it can be tough when there are so many other calls on my attention, but the hardest part is establishing the routine that is going to get the book written. A set routine that works for you is definitely my answer. Good luck!

  4. As I always say,
    "Why does life have to get in the way?"

    I hate tearing myself away from writing. Just one more page! But "we gotta do what we gotta do," right? And here's another one, "something's gotta give." Last one, we have to "take time to make time." Well, back to the drawing board. (forgive me! hee hee)

  5. Dana, I checked out your blog, and left a comment too. They say brilliant minds think alike ;)

    J.L, ooh deadlines…yes, I must work on that. I talk about wanting to get this and that finished, and scatter my “resources” among various work, at once. I do need to learn to stick to one thing, reach one deadline at a time.

    Deborah, 5 a.m.? I already feel a case of the "whiney" setting in lol.

    Tara, I’ve been known to say something similar to my husband. “This job’s getting in the way of my life.” My husband says back to that, “your job makes your life possible”. Sigh. I guess, in a way, he’s right. Lol


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