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#Kindle Formatting Issue - Hidden Text

I just recently came across an issue that had me stumped for a bit, but I got it figured out.I wanted to share this with other authors out there in case you’re struggling with the same situation.
I made my upcoming release SACRIFICE into a Kindle book so I could do a read-through on my Kindle.  I find it easier to see errors this way.  Anyway, I came to a spot in the book that looked entirely different from what I was seeing on my screen in Word.  
Below, I have substituted ** so as to not spoil the story, but you’ll see what my issue was.
I re-opened my Word document, and sure enough it looked fine.  Where is all of this come from, and "tight anyway"?  Anyhow, I realized what was happening was there was hidden text there, so I used the Show/Hide feature of Word hoping it would help.  If you've ever formatted a Kindle or paperback book before, you'll be familiar with this tool.  If not, here's a picture of what it looks like.
This feature works like a toggle; pre…

Which Are You - A Human DOing or Human BEing

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the fact we’re here to enjoy life.  It’s easy to get caught up in daily life, and the responsibilities that go with it, but we need to take time for ourselves.
Published authors, we’re running a business, and most times it’s just us making it happen.  We’re the owner, the bookkeeper, the marketer, the creative license, we’re the editor (even before we send it to a professional)...let’s face it, our schedules are full.  The business side of being an author isn’t even touching on the other things we need to take care of in life.  Most of us work full-time day jobs, some of us are parents, and the list goes on.  And yes, I know we’ve talked a lot about this aspect on my blog lately, but there’s a reason for that.
It’s so easy to DO, and not just BE.
I had promised regular readers of my blog insights that I received while taking some time away to just BE in the country.  Wow, everything slows down there, yet things still get done.   That in itself tau…

So Much to #Write, So Little Time

Ever sit down to write a book, and you don’t know which direction you’re going to go?  That’s where I am right now.  For the past year, since I published, I’ve been very focused on editing books I had written, and marketing them.  Earlier this year, I completed the first draft of my eighth novel, but I still have a hunger that remains to write more.  The problem isn’t ideas, the issue comes in with commitment. 
Maybe that sounds funny? Hey, I love writing as much as I want to take my next inhale of air, but things (more like situations) in life have distracted me--or should I say, I have allowed them to creep in and distract me.  No more.
It’s time to write my ninth novel.  But, where to do I begin? 
It feels like I’ve been editing so long that when I go to write a book, I find myself sometimes critiquing as I go along.  It seems like even though it’s been a few months since writing a first draft, I’ve forgotten the process and that nothing is perfection the first time out.  Is thi…

Buried Emotions Create Strong Characters

In the past, we’ve discussed deepening our characters by providing them with backgrounds.  After all, none of us came to be out of nowhere.  We have experiences that have shaped us and made us who we are today.  Our characters should be no different.  But, when looking for the key to strengthening them even further, why not consider not only their experiences, but the emotions these events would have triggered.
Ask yourself:  did you character deal with these issues?  Do they tend to react strongly with little provocation? 
Maybe it’s not even the person they are currently interacting with that is truly to blame for a character’s reaction.  As human beings, we are who we are because of not only experience, but emotion.
Emotion is energy, just as we project energy as living beings.  In fact, any “matter” is energy and has the potential for great effect--positive and/or negative.
Delve into your character’s psyche to concrete who they truly are.  Maybe they had a hard childhood where t…

Interested in a Time Machine?

“I just don’t have the time.”
Ever hear yourself speak those words?  It’s quite possible you have, and on more than one occasion.  Life’s responsibilities and endeavors seep in and take a lot of, not only our energy and money, but also our most valuable commodity—time.
We all have the same amount of time each year, 365 days, 52 weeks, or 8760 hours.  If you’re feeling under pressure that doesn’t sound like much.  Most of your days are spent waking up to a to-do list longer than the time you’ll be awake, and a lot of us spend our time watching the clock or the calendar.  If your business is on the internet no doubt you roll out of bed onto a laptop.  Maybe you stay there until you can barely keep your eyes open at night.
We know that stress can be a killer causing anything from minor illness to more severe ailments such as heart attacks and cancer.  We may take a second to tell ourselves to calm down, and what gets done, get done, but while we do so our heart is palpitating.  We know t…

I’m Challenging YOU - “Re-boot” and Get Your Life Back

How many hours a day, a week, a month do you spend on your  computer?  I’m sure the grand total could be quite staggering.  You may argue you’re a writer and you need it to do your work.
I’m going to ask you another question, how much of the time spent on your computer is actually dedicated to your craft--writing, researching and editing?  When you begin analyzing things you may realize a lot is spent on social networking or marketing, and yes, these are necessary. 
But, I’m going to give you a challenge.  This weekend, or in the next few days, cut that time back in half, or more.  Turn the internet and computer off for an entire day if you dare.  If you’re like me, you spend large chunks of time working on the weekend, and this is after going out to a day job during the week.  We’re not even going to talk about what my house looks like.
And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should take days off our writing on a regular basis, but we all need a “re-boot”.  For me, this came rece…

Get Your #Free Copy of #newrelease RINGS OF A TREE, a Short Story

In fact, it's such a new release, it's only available on my website right now and will be until mid-June.
RINGS OF A TREE, is a poetic drama short.  It is a story written outside of my typical genre, and was inspired by my poetic observations of life.  It is told in an omniscient point of view through the “eyes” of an oak tree.
Here's the info:

Follow the generations of a family through their celebrations and their trials, as told through the “eyes” of an oak tree.  Rejoice in them over love and new life, and mourn with them over loss and the struggle against cancer.
Rings of a Tree draws a poetic correlation between the changing seasons and the stages of our lives.
3,300 words ~~~
Only 99 cents, or FREE if you also buy JUSTIFIED and enter COUPON CODE: RINGS4FREE
Get your copy HERE.

#Nook #Sony #Kobo Readers - JUSTIFIED is here!

In an effort to reach even more readers, I have taken my books out of the KDP Select program.  As they come off, I am making them available through my website in EPUB and PDF formats.  You can even buy them for your Kindle direct there, as well.

Presently, I have one book available:  JUSTIFIED
Coming soon will be RINGS OF A TREE, a short story

Check out the BUY MY BOOKS page on my site for more details and for a list of dates when books will be available.  Or click here to go directly to JUSTIFIED.

Thank you everyone for your support and readership.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, that includes vacation.  I haven't had to go to the day job since May 18th, but I'm back today (doubt you're feeling sorry for me lol).  Anyway, the time off was great.  The memories will last a lifetime, but so will the life lessons.

During part of my time off, I went to the country -- where I was born and grew up until the age of 6 actually.  I couldn't get over how easily the shoes were tossed aside in favor of walking through the grass or sand barefoot.  And before the trip I really considered myself a city girl.  It turns out I love both.
But it wasn't just for a trip down memory lane that I went in the first place.  For those of you who don't know I was more recently reunited with my oldest sister, and she was getting married.  Everything was beautiful, the bride the most by far.
So I said above that I learned some life lessons.  There is a lot I learned while having a short stint in the countryside.…

Freedom of the Blue, a #Poem

Your warmth embraces And makes anew
The breeze that carries across your blue Whispers sweet lullabies in my ear
My heart beat still  As calm sweeps over my soul
My resting place from torment and unrest Here I am at peace
Pressing my toes into the wet sand Liberating, freeing Within my soul has found its call
To be with one and share with all The gift that lifts from within my spirit
Wisps of hair tickle across my face Carried in your loving haste
I hear your words as you speak softly to me I'm so vexed sometimes I fail to see
Within us lives torture and pain Within your warmth embrace with sanity I now see
I take a deep breath and rest in your shadow Trust in it hoping to end my sorrow
And as I dip my feet in your blue Minnows gather and a ballet ensues
How I wish I could capture their souls And breathe unto me a fraction of their freedom
To swim without limit And touch whom I do not know
I begin to realize but in me I have ability to be Out of the darkness and encumberment of bars
I lift myself up to gaze at …