So Much to #Write, So Little Time

Ever sit down to write a book, and you don’t know which direction you’re going to go?  That’s where I am right now.  For the past year, since I published, I’ve been very focused on editing books I had written, and marketing them.  Earlier this year, I completed the first draft of my eighth novel, but I still have a hunger that remains to write more.  The problem isn’t ideas, the issue comes in with commitment. 

Maybe that sounds funny? Hey, I love writing as much as I want to take my next inhale of air, but things (more like situations) in life have distracted me--or should I say, I have allowed them to creep in and distract me.  No more.

It’s time to write my ninth novel.  But, where to do I begin? 

It feels like I’ve been editing so long that when I go to write a book, I find myself sometimes critiquing as I go along.  It seems like even though it’s been a few months since writing a first draft, I’ve forgotten the process and that nothing is perfection the first time out.  Is this all that’s holding me back? I wish it was.

Subtle, underlying fears whispering to me, you can’t do this againYou don’t have another novel in you.  And those fears are not even giving voice to the one living in every writer from time to time, will people want to read this?

See, I have started a few novels with a prologue or a couple chapters, and they are sitting on the hard drive of my laptop.  In this, I also know I’m not alone.  The good part about this is it gives me a lot to pick from.  And, that’s not all.  I also have a document in OneNote with more novel ideas (no pun intended), which I haven’t even started.

Ultimately, my entire issue comes down to procrastination--one thing all writers are good at.  So, I am going to make this commitment on my blog, hoping it will get me moving on it:  I’m going to finish another novel in the next few months.  Deep breath, there I said it.

Now, it’s just a matter of which direction I’ll go:  political thriller, regular thriller, romance, or drama adventure (yes with my idea they blend perfectly).  My heart is telling me to go with the one “speaking” to me the loudest.

Maybe you can relate to this “madness”: so much to write, so little time.  If so, push forward, or you’ll just find everyone moving on around you.  Feed your soul and write, friends.

Yours in ink,



  1. I certainly relate to your madness, CArolyn. Thanks for spelling it out so clearly. I write in all genres, making it hard to catch a niche market, but guess I can have them all. Greedy me... :-)

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Hugs - Betty Dravis

    1. Hey Betty, there is nothing wrong with having it all :)


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