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A Gift to my Readers - Hart's Choice #women'sfic

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For the lucky ones, there is a love so powerful that when it comes along, it changes everything.
As teenagers, just a chance meeting at a county fair, would change Barry and Tessa's lives forever. Yet with a summer romance that didn't fully blossom and ended without warning, two hearts were torn apart by time and circumstance.
Tessa pursued her love of dance and found herself a ballerina in the 1962 production of The Nutcracker in New York City. But she still thought of Barry.
Reunited nearly a decade later, only to be ripped apart by war and loss, Tessa wonders if they will ever be together and dreams fulfilled.
18,000 words

"One Bulb at a Time" - Crucial Advice for Reaching Goals

One bulb at a time.  At least that’s how the story goes to explain the above field of daffodils.   Nearly one million were planted over a period of forty years.
Ever feel like you’re never going to accomplish your goals?  Sometimes we set rather large ones for ourselves--yet they are attainable. 
We’ve heard it said before, ‘break down larger goals into smaller ones’.  And the advice is sound.  Think about writing a novel.  The task may seem very daunting when you start out, but as the words start to flow, the story comes together, and before you know it you’ve written a full length novel.
Maybe you have yet to reach your goal of completing a novel.  Take heart.  A book may be made up of 60,000-100,000+ words, but when you break that down, what do you have?  One word at a time.
The same advice and mindset can be taken when in the editing process, which can sometimes feel more daunting than a first draft.
But maybe your struggle isn’t with your writing at this time.  Maybe it’s anoth…