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Hibbert & Stiles is Your Partner in Publishing™

We offer services to get your book out to the world—and you only pay for the ones you need. Whether you require interior formatting, cover design, or distribution through popular retailers, including bookstore catalogues and libraries, we can help you with this and more. We can publish you under your name, or you can apply to be published under our imprint. The options are many!

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Hibbert & Stiles Publishing was founded by Carolyn Arnold, an international bestselling mystery author who has been actively involved with the publishing industry since 2011. She has nearly thirty published books under her belt, and her books have been downloaded well over one million times. As the author of four bestselling series, Carolyn knows what it takes to make a bestseller and how to provide a professional product. Carolyn has paired up with her husband George who has almost thirty years’ experience working in graphic design.

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