Freedom of the Blue, a #Poem

Your warmth embraces
And makes anew

The breeze that carries across your blue
Whispers sweet lullabies in my ear

My heart beat still 
As calm sweeps over my soul

My resting place from torment and unrest
Here I am at peace

Pressing my toes into the wet sand
Liberating, freeing
Within my soul has found its call

To be with one and share with all
The gift that lifts from within my spirit

Wisps of hair tickle across my face
Carried in your loving haste

I hear your words as you speak softly to me
I'm so vexed sometimes I fail to see

Within us lives torture and pain
Within your warmth embrace with sanity I now see

I take a deep breath and rest in your shadow
Trust in it hoping to end my sorrow

And as I dip my feet in your blue
Minnows gather and a ballet ensues

How I wish I could capture their souls
And breathe unto me a fraction of their freedom

To swim without limit
And touch whom I do not know

I begin to realize but in me
I have ability to be
Out of the darkness and encumberment of bars

I lift myself up to gaze at the stars
Breeze brushes my face and taps on my soul

It whispers to me what so few get to know
I'm only as free as I will me to be.


  1. Lovely poem, Carolyn. And such a nice peaceful picture to go with it...

    1. Thank you Pat. And the picture was taken when I was away last weekend. I wish I could go back.


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