Which Are You - A Human DOing or Human BEing

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the fact we’re here to enjoy life.  It’s easy to get caught up in daily life, and the responsibilities that go with it, but we need to take time for ourselves.

Published authors, we’re running a business, and most times it’s just us making it happen.  We’re the owner, the bookkeeper, the marketer, the creative license, we’re the editor (even before we send it to a professional)...let’s face it, our schedules are full.  The business side of being an author isn’t even touching on the other things we need to take care of in life.  Most of us work full-time day jobs, some of us are parents, and the list goes on.  And yes, I know we’ve talked a lot about this aspect on my blog lately, but there’s a reason for that.

It’s so easy to DO, and not just BE.

I had promised regular readers of my blog insights that I received while taking some time away to just BE in the country.  Wow, everything slows down there, yet things still get done.   That in itself taught me a lesson.

As I’ve been talking with my sister about different things I’ve taken away from it, she shared this revelation of hers with me.  We are human BEings, not human DOings. 

We were designed not only to work, but to experience the rewards of just BEing.  We don’t have to go all the time, or busy ourselves with things.  In fact, given our genetic make-up we are happier when there’s a balance to our lives.

Along with this, my sister brought up another good question.  When we wake up in the morning, do we ask ourselves, what DO I have to DO today? or do we ask, What am I going to be BE today?

The latter is a powerful  question if you let yourself meditate on it.  By focusing on BEing, there is an energy force that comes with it--a positive one or a negative one.  BEing gives us choices as to how we will live our lives, whether it to be to spread happiness or hurt.

Have you ever been around a miserable person?  I think it’s safe to say we all have at one point or another; how did they make you feel?  Did they draw you closer, or push you away?  Did they improve your mood, or make you miserable?  Did they incite a reaction that had you imitating their attitude later on in your day?  See how BEing has such an effect.   

So really there are two things to take away from this: one, allow yourself to just BE, to enjoy life and experience nature, or other hobbies you enjoy, and two, take the power of BEing into your hands and spread positivity into the world.


  1. As a workaholic and a perfectionist - the double whammy of life - I have learned that it's not only Okay, but also important to sometimes just "be."

  2. I think being a writer makes us more of a workaholic, but I've been learning how to let things go and take some time out for myself. Whew! It's all a process and I'm constantly working on it :) Great post and reminder!

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience, Jennifer. I'm constantly working on attaining a fine balance between work and play myself. Like you said as authors, we could are busy and could have something to do at every moment.


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