#Nook #Sony #Kobo Readers - JUSTIFIED is here!

In an effort to reach even more readers, I have taken my books out of the KDP Select program.  As they come off, I am making them available through my website in EPUB and PDF formats.  You can even buy them for your Kindle direct there, as well.

Presently, I have one book available:  JUSTIFIED
Coming soon will be RINGS OF A TREE, a short story

Check out the BUY MY BOOKS page on my site for more details and for a list of dates when books will be available.  Or click here to go directly to JUSTIFIED.

Thank you everyone for your support and readership.


  1. Please keep us posted on how well that works for you. Sales-wise, that is.

    1. Will do. Like I said, I'm hoping to reach more readers this way.

  2. Welcome to the world, Justified.


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