Silent Graves is Here! Release Info and Excerpt

Thirty missing women in the period of six years. Now another has been abducted.

One officer was right all along. Prince William County, Virginia has a serial killer preying on women.

With the recent abduction, the FBI is called in and Brandon Fisher's team gets the assignment. There is more to it than just one missing woman—this dates back decades. They delve into the past cases, hoping it will shed light on the investigation, but with the discovery of a body and the report of another missing woman, their efforts are further intensified. They begin narrowing in on the cases from the last six years.

What they find are heinous acts that rival what they witnessed in Salt Lick, Kentucky. They must stop a killer who plays out his twisted game of rape and torture—and they need to do so fast if there's going to be anyone left to save.


Excerpt: Chapter 10

The room around her kept getting darker—or was it her vision? Her headache’s intensity had ratcheted to the point of unbearable pain. Her thoughts didn’t line up, no matter how hard she tried to concentrate. The chill had become a familiar backdrop, tinged tepid. Its warmth encased her body, enshrouding it in calmness—it was her body preparing for death.

Tears fell down her face, past her forehead, to the concrete below. Before, she could hear the soft tap as they made impact. Now she knew their destination without the auditory confirmation.

She couldn’t remember how long she had been down here but figured it had been days. Days of endless rape by a man she thought she knew.

A stab of pain burrowed into the back of her head, and, with it, her vision went black. Within seconds, everything turned dark. 


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