Scrivener -- An Author’s Tool

You’ve likely heard of Scrivener, whether you’re using it, a friend is, or the name just sounds familiar.  Let me tell you a little bit about it. 

Whether you’re an author who plots, or goes by the seat of your pants, there are tools within the Scrivener program that can make your life easier.  The program allows you to manage everything that goes into completing a book in one spot. 

You can keep your research notes there, link to online sites, keep folders on characters (in whatever detail you desire), you can make notes as you go along, you can create scenes and re-order as many times as you see fit, you can import a written story, or start fresh.  The program is designed to work with you and for you with great flexibility.

It makes it easy for the author who doesn’t write in order. Maybe you have the perfect idea for a scene and the words are coming to you, write them in a folder named to describe the scene. You can easily rearrange the order of scenes at any time.

As a crime author, I see its advantages with ensuring clues are tied up in a first draft as opposed to after several (which can be the case with a panster mystery novelist).

The program may seem overwhelming at first but there are many videos online that will help you use it--whether it be taking advantage of the more basic aspects or deeper ones.  The program also enables you to export to a text document, or to Word based on formatting you can customize.

I’ve started using the program to manage notes on my series, utilizing it as one place to keep character development notes as well as what transpires from one book to the next.

Either way, if you’re curious give it go for yourself. They even offer a free 30-day trial.

More information on Scrivener, visit:

Link to a beginner’s overview:


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