Hart’s Choice – A Touching Weekend Read

Tessa came to me in the summer of 2012 and demanded I tell her story. How could I resist? For one, she was insistent, but it was really her charm and passion for life that infused me to action.

Tessa has a intrinsic taste in classical music and was driven for a career in the arts when most women were getting married. She even performed in 1962 production of The Nutcracker in New York City.

People who have read Hart's Choice are so touched by Tessa's story, they are moved to tears. It's even be said to me that maybe she lived in my house and that's why her life is so vivid on the page. You believe what you want to, but all I know is that this is one story that really touched my heart (and yes, I wrote it, but I'm just telling you how I feel).

If your reading time is limited, or you're looking for a shorter read that will also touch your heart, Hart's Choice may be the book for you.  At only 17,000 words, it's an approximate two-hour read.
It is a story that is touching in its honesty, heartbreaking in its reality, and empowering in its message.  Arnold truly knows how to embody pure emotion, and I doubt there will be very many dry eyes after reading this beautiful novella.
—Katie Jennings, Author of The Dryad Quartet
Carolyn Arnold has written a moving testament to the heartbreak of life with Alzheimer’s...the last few pages grab you by the throat and demand you look reality in the face without blinking.   That’s what you will remember.
—Ann Swan, Author of All For Love
Hart's Choice is available in print, or eBook versions from the following retailers:


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