Getting 3 Roadblocks Out of the Way -- Reach Your Goals

Most of us have goals, dreams, aspirations that we want to accomplish. It's no secret that if we want to these to see fruition, it takes effort and requires sacrifice.

Do you find that you are constantly failing to realize your goals, or finish projects?

If so, it's time to stop and think about what is stopping you from attaining them.  You might retort that life's responsibilities are getting in the way, maybe you're feeling discouraged and you let it sway your line of sight, or you came up with another idea and it's tarnished the sparkle out of the last one.  These are just a few things that can decide whether you're successful, or well, not being successful.

Life's Responsibilities
We all have them, and there's nothing that can be done about them unless we're rich and can pay people to take care of everything for us. Yet even the wealthy have family and friends and the commitment that comes along with those relationships.  How can we avoid letting other responsibilities crowd out our goals?

Manage your time.  Sit and write down what you want to achieve. Note the steps required to reach your goal.  (See 10 Steps That Will Change the Way You View Time Management for more information on how to get organized.)

Once you come up with a workable schedule, that fits in both your goals and responsibilities, you'll realize that you have more time than you realized.

Someone says, or does something that starts to make you think your goal is ridiculous. Either it's out of reach, or it's a stupid idea.  Maybe you just lose steam. How can you overcome this?

If you think back on your past you might see a pattern of failed goals. This isn't a point of concern, but rather a point of reference. Now flip your attention back forward. You can't change the past, but you can transform the future. View achieving your goal as a challenge to overcome. 

A new idea comes along and has you dumping the old one, or maybe you let yourself become distracted with social media and "POOF!" there it goes.

The simple way to overcome this is the same as discouragement--view it as a challenge to stick with something through to its conclusion.  If you're worried about forgetting an idea, write it down sufficiently that you can pick it up after you reach your current goal.

This post covered 3 potential roadblocks, of which there can be many, but the main thing to take away is, how badly do you want to reach your goals? We also have to stop playing the victim of circumstance and take control! Once we do that, we'll meet with certain success.


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