The Importance of Reading as an Author

As authors, our first love was probably reading. The fact that we were able to escape into a world of the author's imagination fascinated us. It motivated us to the point we thought 'I can do this'.

The process began. Your passion for reading transformed into a love of writing. You wanted to the be the one who created the worlds, the characters, who swept away readers into a place of your imagination where they could escape reality for a while. 

Then you got published.

It's true, it takes a lot of time to keep up in today's publishing industry. To stand out and be noticed takes more effort than ever before.  You've got your blog, your website, your online media presence--it all takes time. And that's not even counting the time we need to focus on our writing, editing, and formatting (if we do this ourselves). On top of this, we all have lives and other responsibilities.

Where does reading rate with you these days?

I cannot stress the importance of reading a book--that's not yours, authors--regularly. It continues to feed the hunger we have for the written word. It inspires us. We can learn from other author's techniques and methods.

By reading as an author, we grow.

Personally, I read at the end of every day. It's quiet and the perfect time to reflect and dip into a good book. I also love spending a few hours on my Sundays curled up with my Kindle.


  1. I have certain blocks of time where I read; a few days at lunch while I'm at work, Saturday morning for an hour at least. Just those scheduled times keeps me in books regularly. Also audio books for my commute, though that varies.


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