Giveaway Winners are Announced!

Around 500 entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card in celebration of my latest release, Found Innocent (A Madison Knight Novel).  These people did what was necessary to qualify, some entering multiple times.  Thank you for making the giveaway a success!

The winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card is:

Michael P.

I also want to thank every blogger who hosted me and helped get information on my new release out there.  Look at all of them:

Katie Jennings
A.M. Day
Cover Host
Magdalena Vandenberg
Reggie Ridgway
Christina OW
Karina Gioertz
Betty Dravis
Joni Parker
Sandy Wolters
Marianne Spitzer
Kenneth Hoss
Daniel Troupe
Olivia Martinez
Jennifer Chase
Carmen DeSousa
Darcia Helle
Katharina Gerlach
Stacy Juba
Charmain Brackett
M.J. Kane


Thank you, ladies and gents.  I really appreciate you.  And, as promised, one blogger is being awarded a $25 Amazon Gift Card as well. The winning blogger is:

Congratulations to those who won!


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