NaNo is Upon Us!

Can you believe it's the eve of National Novel Writing Month?  I can't!  I don't even know where the last year has gone...well, I do, I suppose. It's been a busy year and has seen the release of three books for me. :D

Today, I spent the day brainstorming the book I'm going to write for NaNo, and I'm amped up and ready to go. But even though I'm prepared, the fear is setting in, "Do I have what it takes to write a novel?"  Might sound like a silly question coming from someone who has written ten to date.  I'm starting to think that bit of paranoia will never go away.  So if you're experiencing that annoying, negative voice, kick it to the curb! I am.

I even downloaded Scrivener. I've heard great things about it and thought why not.  If you haven't used it before, it might be a good time to look into it. They are offering a little bit longer free trial than normal (it lasts until Dec 7th). But here's the bonus for NaNo winners, you'll get 50% off the program if you decide to purchase it. The regular cost is about $40 USD for the Microsoft version.  I think that's some good incentive.  (I should note, though, there is a bit of a learning curve to it. Don't fret because there's a terrific tutorial for the basics which will have you working in 10 mins.)

So what about you? Are you signed up for NaNo?  If not, why not?  Come on, what have you got to lose?  Put that goal in front of you and reach for it. You can do it!


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