My Soul is Not for Sale

Ever feel buffeted around like you're a floating ball on the water's surface, moved to and fro wherever the tide or wind blows? I'm sure most of have felt this way at some point.  This is when we let other people control our lives and/or take over our thought processes. 

Again, it goes back to adage that others can only control us if we allow them to. So why do we allow them to creep in, to plant doubt, and in effect take control over our lives?  The simple answer: because we want them to.

You're probably shaking your head right now are saying out loud "I don't want anyone to control my life".  Well, then, take control.  Stop paying any attention to those who would pull you from your life's calling or distort your dreams into a foggy haze.  Take control and live your life the way you are meant to, the way 'the universe' intended you to.  Focus on what is important for you and remain determined.

Of course we all want to "belong" but at what sacrifice? Must we be a certain way to be accepted by some? Maybe it's even "friends" (notice the dittos) or family who would dictate our life choices if we allowed them.  Well, it may greatly pain us to quote/unquote turn our backs on these people we love,  but is it love--unconditional love--if they request we be a certain way?

I mean it's different if we are involved with something harmful--say chronic alcohol or drug abuse. Then these people are acting out of love when they extend a hand to help us.

The issue I'm focusing on are those who would strip you of your identity, your essence, if you allowed them to.

This element of human nature isn't just applicable out here in the real world. It should transcend to the pages of our books as well.  Are your characters complex? Do they struggle between pleasing themselves and appeasing other people?

Madison Knight has a complicated relationship with her mother. She doesn't understand her choice to be a detective and would prefer that Madison get married and have children, like her younger sister.  Even though, Madison is a strong person, she occasionally struggles with the confines of her strained relationship with her mother. At times she questions her path even though she knows she is doing what she was meant to.

Brandon Fisher has a tough choice to face in Eleven--the career he always wanted or the wife he loves?

You see we all face the influences, the "powers that be", but it is up to us who/what we allow to have control. Personally, my soul is not for sale. Is yours?


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