Bouchercon2013 in Albany, NY

This year has included a lot of firsts for me. One of them was attending the writer’s conference, Bouchercon, in Albany, NY. They hold this event every year, in different locations.

What had started off as uncertainty--I was going with an author friend I hardly knew, and leaving my husband (and dogs) for five days--quickly transformed into what was the next logical step for my growth as a professional author.

As authors, one of our strengths is observation and I learned a lot just through listening and studying other people. I took “notes” from other authors who have met great success in the publishing industry. I was able to meet and interact with avid readers, in person, and get feedback as to what they look for in a book. I had discussions with corporate chain book buyers and independent bookstore owners.  These perspectives have melded to provide an overall solid picture of the business.

I brought home with me all of this and more. (I’m not even going to get into all the free, signed books!) I am infused to work even harder, market even smarter, and interact with others online (and in person) even more.

Hope you enjoy some of pictures below of some authors I met, and of the city of Albany.

Does this woman need an intro? Sue Grafton. :)
Don't think she needs an intro either. Tess Gerritsen.
Kathy Bennett, author of Deadly Roses. Loved meeting
another self-published author who I've
shared the best-selling ranks with on Amazon.
The capital building. And, trust me, it was
A little friend I met on the lawn in front of the
capital building. He walked right up to me
and was checking me out. Maybe 3 ft away.
Albany, NY city hall.
Me just having fun on the way to the last morning of the conference.
This is a bronze of Lewis A Swyer 1918-1988.
Little history. He was a master builder and developer.


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