Authors are People Too

When we pick up a good book, we escape into it. Our own world, our problems, our stresses fade to the background. Our concerns transfer to the character, what they undergoing and how they will overcome their situation. Very rarely do we even consider the author who created these people, or how their life experience factored into what we are reading.

Then there are others of us who want to know about the person behind the book. For some a picture and a brief biography will suffice, but others want to know their favorite author more intimately. At great expense, they follow them to book signings, and/or writer’s conventions. Do these authors let it go their head?

I found in my experience at Bouchercon that even among some of the larger names out there, they were very sweet and down to earth people. They were willing to let others into their life whether it be by sharing their experience, or telling us what they typically do on a Sunday morning. I found this level of intimacy, or personal touch, drew me to want to support and read them.

It is in light of this observation that I have added a new feature to my website. I want to connect with my readers on a more personal level. I have added photographs and a Q&A feature on my website under “The Author” tab. Here I answer some unique questions, including:

Let's talk animals--birds, dogs, cats, fish
Do I have any superstitions?
Do I hear voices?
What is my favorite season of the year and why?

Here is where you get to connect with me.  Submit your question and I'll answer it. I may even post it to my website. Your question can be in regards to writing, the publishing business, or more personal. Hope to hear from you.


  1. That's a good reminder--we often don't think of the creator/author behind the books we read, how he or she is a real person. And how great you've discovered these authors are genuinely receptive, open people. :)

    1. Absolutely. For the most part they are very open in sharing their experiences and helping their fellow authors. The observations and insights I gained as a result were invaluable.


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