The Importance of Making Time for You

We all have a list of responsibilities pages long--that's if we had time to actually write a to-do list.  It's true, isn't it? Life is busy, even beyond busy.  So how do you prioritize?

Well, no one can tell you what needs to get accomplished first, second, third, and so on, except for you.  You know what needs to be done.  

In my journey to self-discovery, I've found that everything that needs to get done always does, but it's not necessarily on the timetable I had originally pegged for it.  So what can be taken away from this?  Why stress yourself out to the point of blocking good energy in your body with the negative?

When you stress about reaching a target date, isn't it true, it becomes a burden? In fact, if you're like me, sometimes, these to-dos get pushed back.  Procrastination takes a front seat. What good does that accomplish?  While goals are needed to guide us--notice guide--they shouldn't be rigid.

Ask yourself this question: when did you last make time for you?

If you think about the question, the answer may surprise you. But, really, we should take time every day to feed our souls.  We all know the phrase "pay yourself first" when it comes to finances. More importantly this advice applies to our spirit.

Here's a deeper question: what makes you happy?

At surface level, it may seem like a simple question, but it is anything but.  However, if you can get a list together of what makes you happy, I assure you the rest will fall into place--the way it's supposed to. 

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