Life Sentence is available for pre-order!

I'm very excited to announce that Life Sentence, romantic suspense and prequel to the Madison Knight series, is available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple.  While the book's official release date is August 14th, you have the chance to ensure you get your copy on release day.

Here are what reviewers are saying:

“Carolyn Arnold...continues the trend of writing exciting stories that keep your attention throughout...Life Sentence is a thriller all the way...Arnold never disappoints.”
—Barb, The Reading Cafe

“Though unique in her own right, author Carolyn Arnold is a masterful blend of such greats as Shirley Jackson (horror), Joseph Finder (thrills), and Janet Evanovich (humor and romance). Life Sentence is powerful and gripping, with so many twists and turns it left me gasping...”
—Betty Dravis

"Life Sentence" provides enjoyable entertainment from an author who clearly knows how to keep her readers engrossed in a story..." 
Faye Higbee

"Arnold delivers yet again! Life Sentence is a thrilling ride through the chaotic life of defense attorney Bryan Lexan as he tackles one of the biggest cases of his career. When things go awry, he is up against a Russian gangster with a vengeance....This story has it all: steamy romance, intricate legal battles, violent mafia men, suspenseful detective work, and a cast of characters that will have you guessing who's innocent and who's got a hidden agenda..."
—Katie Jennings

You can pre-order from the following fine retailers:

You can download a sample from:


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