Dinner for Two, Life Sentence #SampleSunday #8Sunday

In just about 37 days, Life Sentence will be here!  Here's today's sample:

Excerpt from Life SentenceChapter 11

"Bryan, what a wonderful day." Jessica sat across from him, her face glowing from the massage earlier and the champagne. Her eyes were glassy exposing the extent of her relaxation. Smiling at him, she reached her hand across the table for his.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." Bryan returned her smile and squeezed her hand.

After the spa treatment in their suite, they had a nap followed by lovemaking. Now they were both seated at a table in the resort's world-renowned restaurant. 

A brick fireplace the height of one wall appeared to be twenty to thirty feet high. The tables were draped with red cloths, the lighting dim, and a candle centerpiece burned on each table. The famous Frank Sinatra crooned You Go to My Head adding to the ambience

"So you'd come back again?"

She tilted her head to the side. "But of course." She sipped her champagne, licking her lips to savor the flavor. "Just what I needed." She laughed.

He figured she thought he could misconstrue that as a comment on the drink alone. But it was the sparkle in her eyes, the sincerity, which caused him pain. Although the music played softly, his mind picked up on the words of Sinatra.

Jessica intoxicated him with her eyes. She occupied his thoughts yet he didn't stand a chance with her. There was no way he could give her lasting happiness. Reality dragged their situation to the front of his thoughts. He had almost forgotten about it.
He had one afternoon to experience what others must take for granted—freedom. Freedom from fearing a vengeful Russian mob boss who calculated the best time to strike. 

He felt a bead of sweat form on his forehead but was quick to wipe it. Jessica didn't seem to notice. He had to get his life on track. He needed Jessica close to him, to love him, to be his. She brought sanity to his otherwise insane existence. He had to try and fight against common sense. 

"There's something I've been procrastinating—" 

The waiter returned with their main course at that precise time.

"Thank you." Jessica told the waiter and smiled at Bryan. "It smells heavenly." She waved her hand trying to further waft the aroma to her nose. She shut her eyes as she inhaled.

Bryan inhaled appreciatively as well—garlic, rosemary, and basil.

The waiter placed Bryan's meal in front of him, performed a partial bow, and retreated from the table careful not to turn his back on them. 

Bryan knew she would be the perfect addition to his life. True, she had been an integral part of it for nearly a year already, but not as close as he would like. A woman like Jessica was to be cherished, held in high regard. She was a woman who needed a man in her life no matter how stubbornly she denied it. But was he the right one for her?

He knew she thought so. He remembered how she lit up when they ran into each other after all those years apart. It had been a chance encounter but one she summed up as "meant to be". 

She lifted her fork and tasted the first mouthful and her facial reaction was orgasmic. "Now if this isn't worth the trip here alone." She spoke, her fork pointing at her food. She moaned her approval of the flavor. "It's divine."

The flame from the candle danced in her eyes. She deserved so much more than him, someone without all the complications. He gave in to second-guessing himself and never did ask her the question his soul needed to. Instead he sat there watching her with a pain in his chest for their entire meal. 

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