Follow Your Heart…When it Comes to Writing

Should I have a prologue or epilogue?
Is this chapter too long?
Should I include accents in my dialogue?
What about foreign language—should I use it or re-cap in English?
Should I write it in first, third, or a combination of viewpoints?
Does that first sentence really grab the reader or should I change it?

As a writer, all or some of these questions may have hit you at one point or another.  And I’m sure there’s a lot I’m missing.  After all, we work hard on our manuscripts and we want them as perfect as possible. 

You may have found yourself reaching out to a trusted friend in person or through an online community to try and find the answers you seek.  I’m here to tell you, with most of the above, the answer lies in you.

It’s your story, and only you know the best way to tell it.

Of course, there’s no harm in seeking opinions, but at the end of all of it, the decision lies with you.  My advice?  Follow your heart.

If your heart is saying “break the rules”, blend first and third point of view, do it.  It’s what’s best for the story.

When you start writing, you’re so inundated with “rules” that it can literally have you spinning in a circle.  It could have the writing flow stop if you let them get to you too much.  That’s why, for the most part, they are guidelines

Writing is a craft, a creative outlet.  That right there tells you there’s room to “be”.

I’ve been asked this question before: would a ‘bad guy’ do this?  My answer, if you thought it up, it’s possible.

So don’t let “rules” bring you down.  Don’t weigh other people’s opinions so heavily that you compromise your story.  Remember the advice you’re seeking is from a limited audience and not everyone will feel the same way.

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