FEEL What You Write--Readers Experience the Difference

“When you feel it, your audience does.”
--Nicki Minaj

The above-noted advice was given to a contestant on a popular singing competition, but it applies to writing as well.  Here’s how.

Have there ever been days that you made yourself write?  I’m sure you know the days...when you have a goal you want to reach, you’re consumed by a word count and are determined to attain it whether you’re feeling it or not.  How do you feel about those scenes when you’re writing them?

Don’t get me wrong.  There are times when you make yourself write that something truly magical happens—the characters take over, bringing you with them in an unexpected, yet pleasant direction.  But there are times such writing sessions can result in mechanical writing.

Now contrary to that are the moments you are writing a scene and your heart is racing, your breathing speeds up, you can stop laughing, or tears fall down your cheeks.  You are truly caught up in what is befalling your characters.  I LOVE it when this happens!  And you know in those scenes if you’re feeling it as the author, it’s pouring out on the page.  This is investment and your readers will experience the difference!

Maybe you’re wondering how to tap into these emotions while writing?  I’m not sure if there’s an advice book or guidelines on how to reach that level of passion when writing; I believe it’s something that just happens when we let our creativity go. 

My advice to writers?  Write.  Let go of the so-called rules of the craft, free your spirit, and go with the flow of your story.  Most importantly—feel what you write.


  1. So true Carlyn. Feeling the story is everything!

  2. Totally agree. My favourite parts of my own stories are the ones I got "worked up" over... even months or years later, I still feel it when I read those bits.

    1. Don't you love that experience? I picked up a book I wrote about 5+ years ago and could picture all scenes just as if I was writing them again.


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