A Controlling Boss, a Murder to Solve, and a Cold Case - #SampleSunday

The following excerpt is taken from TIES THAT BIND.  I hope you enjoy.
The call came when they got back to the car.  “So what have you got for me Knight?”
  She envisioned the Sergeant glancing impatiently at his watch.  Sometimes she regretted turning down promotions.  She could be a Sergeant herself had she been thinking straight.  But no, she claimed to be happy where she was positioned in life.
  “We’re leaning towards Laura Saunders’ murder being an isolated incident.  We have a reason to feel the ex-boyfriend is involved.”
  “So that’s your final answer to this?  In less than four hours you’re positive the rest of the city sleeps safe tonight?”
  What did this man want from her—a caped crusader?  No one could guarantee that.  It was always black and white with him.  She needed to operate within the shades of gray. 
  “Evidence seems to be pointing us in that direction.”
  “I want this wrapped up Knight, sooner than later.  Keep me informed.”
  He never spoke the words but the implication was there: Don’t let this case go cold like the other one.  Didn’t he know she tortured herself enough over that possibility?

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