Sharing some pictures of my vacation in Cancun

Hubby and I haven't been away on a plane for 13 years...that was until March 16th when we boarded a plane for Cancun, Mexico!  And what an amazing week we had there.  

The resort we stayed at was wonderful.  The food was delicious, the drink was flowing, and a terrific highlight was everyone we met.  We must have met at least 50 people.  We met people from the United States, England, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Australia, and other countries I'm sure I'm forgetting right now.

And even though communicating could be hard at times with language barriers, gestures and smiles go a long way.  It never hurts to have a toast with new friends either.  It would be wonderful if life was like this all the time, yet I can only imagine if I approached people in my city when at a bar and introduced myself, what the reaction would be....yeah, let's keep the site PG rated (unless my crime novels already graduated that rating?). LOL

Anyway, here are some pictures...

Yep, I just had to.  The beach and my feet are in the sand!

Sunrise and I believe those two seats were reserved for us.

Where we spent a good portion of our time...
soaking up the sun and drinking at the pool bar.

A view from our room down the beach.

Sunrise from our room.

We took 2 excursions.  One, to swim with the dolphins - no pictures yet, but wow! what an experience!  And two, we took a day trip to the Chichen Itza ruins.  This is one of the 7 wonders of the world.
The only circular building and it was designed to observe
stars and their alignments and cycles.

9 stories tall! And you clap your hands in front of a
staircase and it echos back the sound of their
sacred bird.  Surreal experience!

Not sure if you've ever seen the cartoon movie from
years ago, El Dorado, but they played this ball game.
I couldn't get over how huge the field was and
how high the "hoops" were. 

A natural underground well.  The water is approx 120-130 feet deep
and was freezing but we swam around for a bit.
We were on fire after Chichen Itza.  It's 90-some steps down
to reach the water.


  1. Looks awesome! We did Chichen Itza on our honeymoon over 10 years ago! We have similar pics. I love Mexico and all its beauty and history. I think meeting new people is way easier on vacation. Everyone is so relaxed. We always meet lots of people as well and have a great time while vacationing. See! You have to get on a plan more often and take off and experience the beauty the workd has to offer!

    1. Getting away is definitely in our future plans! Nothing can beat just taking time to feed one's soul.

  2. Wow, that's cool. I love to swim, but swimming in water that deep might just creep me out a little bit.

    1. It did me. I didn't venture out to far, and couldn't get my mind past the depth to swim from one side to the other.

      It's funny. You know how to swim, it shouldn't matter--that's what hubby says. But I start thinking about what's beneath me and feel myself sink. lol


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