YOU can WIN with the Assassination Blog Tour! #AODTour

In celebration of my upcoming release March 14th, I am giving away 4 Kindle copies of my thriller ASSASSINATION OF A DIGNITARY and 1 autographed paperback copy.  The contest is now open and ends on March 12th.  Submit your name and email for your chance to win below!

In further preparation of its release, it's going on tour starting February 6th.  You can follow it on Twitter with hashtag #AODTour.  For a complete itinerary of the tour, please visit here.

I've designed the tour in such a way that it's to bring focus mainly on the characters of ASSASSINATION OF A DIGNITARY, not on myself as the author.  

Meet the main character Raymond Hunter and gain intimacy into his mindset.  Having been a prior hit man for the Italian mafia, he shares his thoughts on 'What it's Like to Take a Life', how he got started with the mob, what his background is, what his favorite guns are, you learn about his family.  

Step into the mindset of the mafia by meeting Christian Russo, the Don's son firsthand.  A man who Raymond would describe as the Devil, and a man who claims he is.

Learn about the weapons of AOD.  "What is a Pen Gun?"  If you're thinking that's a type of zip gun (the slang term), you would be correct. But this post will give you details.

And there will be so much more!  This is YOUR personal invitation.  I hope to you see you on the tour.

Contest open to residents of the United States and Canada only.


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