Writers - You Can Reach Your Goals

Reaching goals takes effort.  For example, a runner needs to train before they enter a race.  This involves a lot of their time, possibly taking them from family and friends for a while.  They also adhere to a special diet.  But to the runner none of these sacrifices matter.  Their vision is on the finish line.  

What about you with your writing?  Do you see where you want to go?  Do you see how you're going to get there?  

Your answers may be positive in response to all of these questions, however, setbacks are bound to happen.  Going back to the illustration of a runner, maybe they catch a cold.  Are they going to let it stop them when they've come so far in their training?  Absolutely not.  They are going to push through.

At the end of 2011, I shared a series entitled:  Tuck and Roll - The Writer's Highway.

The first in the series touched on 4 "roadblocks" that can come up in our writing journey: 

1.  Ourselves
2.  Discouragement
3.  Life Responsibilities
4.  Life Circumstances

It discussed how we can overcome these and learn to Tuck and Roll!  

As the series continued, it touched on potential hazards we experience at different stages in our writing journey and how to overcome them to continue to our ultimate destination.

Setting out to write your first novel
Completing your first novel

Editing your novel
Receiving criticism

Agent Rejections
The course of Self-Publication

Handling Bad Reviews
All the novels you’ve written are published, now what?


  1. Do one on marketing goals for self published authors etc.

  2. Wonderful article, Carolyn. Important reading for any writer.


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