Move Over Oscar, I'm a Winner of the Betty Award via @BettyDravis

Or should I say Madison Knight is the winner of the Betty Award.  She received favorite female detective from Betty Dravis, a woman who has a true spirit and a light that shines across the Internet--and that's not even touching on her other talents, the fact she is an award-winning author for one!  Thank you, Betty! :)


  1. Wow, Carolyn, I'm so happy you like your BETTY (my cousin Oscar is so jealous because I came out with my new awards so close to his). :-)

    I thank you for posting this on your wall. I hate to say it, but i love my heart icon, but I've never been accused of modesty. It's appearing all over the Net on various sites of our winners.

    As you know, I didn't finish all the book categories and still have to award directors, actors, artists, musicians, etc. Keep your eyes open as I will be posting the link on your popular site CELEBRATING AUTHORS as soon as I make more final decisions. It's very hard because there is so much talent out there.

    The Betty Awards is rapidly becoming a fun, exciting adventure.

    Thanks for bringing us so many fine books. I've read all of yours so far. I may have missed one short story but... Love your works.

    Hugs - Betty Dravis <3

    1. Terrific idea to award your favorites, Betty. Honored to be among them. :)


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