Motivational Monday: Smile at a Stranger

Happy Monday!  Another week begins and you have the choice whether or not to make it a great one.  Remember YOU have the power to make it what it will become. 

One of life’s gifts is that of a smile from a stranger.  How great does that feel when you match eyes with someone and their face lights into a sincere smile?  Well, I bet you can’t help but respond with one of your own.

On the flipside of that when you run into a miserable person when you’re shopping, for example, and they have a scowl on their face and seem to be in a major hurry.  They are only looking out for themselves.  What sort of a natural reaction do these people elicit in you?  Don’t they repel you and make you want to give them space?  Or maybe they encourage you to react rudely in turn?  After all, you’ve done nothing to them, but they don’t seem to have a problem shooting you a mean look or making a snide remark?

Here’s your challenge for the week:  smile at a stranger.  Not a fake one, but a sincere one from the heart.  Make a difference in the world around you, not by waiting on the world, but taking the power in your own hands.


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