Assassination Blog Tour #AODTour: Part 1

This post highlights the first stop on the Assassination Blog Tour.  If you haven't entered for your chance to win a #Kindle copy on release day, what are you waiting for?  It only takes seconds to enter. Click here.

Stop 1
Post: Interview with Carolyn Arnold--What is the #AODTour?

Find out random things about me the person, not just the author, and learn about my upcoming release March 14th, Assassination of a Dignitary.

Hosting Blogger:  Joseph Rinaldo

About Joseph Rinaldo:  Born in Illinois, Joseph Rinaldo has lived in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and now resides in Tennessee. Though he has been a "numbers" guy all his adult life, he tried opening up to the world of fiction writing during a period of unemployment and discovered he enjoyed it very much! He has now written nine novels, including: A SPY AT HOME, HAZARDOUS CHOICES, and his controversial new expose of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, A MORMON MASSACRE. He has a wonderful 39-year-old daughter with Down syndrome who inspires him every day to give the best he has to anything he undertakes, just as she does.


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