And so it begins...#NaNoWriMo

It's that time of year already!  Are you amped?  

Come on, I know you are!  NaNoWriMo is upon us, and that means 50,000 words in a month, 30 days, 720 hours, 43,200 minutes, 2,592,000 seconds.  No pressure, right?  :D

Well, only if you want to succeed!  But NaNo shouldn't be about stressing out, or even a deadline.  It should be about letting your mind and creativity run amuck!  

I wasn't in the trenches last year, but I'll be there this year--and it's going to be great!

Here's some things that I found helped me when I did it two years ago:

1) Budget time - you only have so much in a day.  Allocate when you are going to write and stick to it.

2) Limit Internet usage.  Log on as a reward after accomplishing your daily target WC.

3) Let your writing flow. Don't edit as you go along.

4) First and foremost have fun!


  1. I've been NaNoing and this is my 4th season! I agree with everything you said. I also have a system during the 4 weeks of the program week. Before I get started I have the outline and character sketches done. 1 Basic story line. Week 2 Dialog Week 3 more dialog and scene details, Week 4 flow to the finish. Then during the next year edit and by next November get it published.


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