Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Plenty of Time for Christmas...

We’ve no doubt all run across those posts from authors announcing that they had to make modifications to their books, whether it be facts, editing/grammar, or other issues.  Whenever I’ve come across these, first, I was thankful it wasn’t me, but more importantly, I thought what courage on behalf of the author.  It built my respect for them.  It shows that they view their writing, the publishing industry, and their readers of utmost importance--and that’s the way it should be.

Writing and publishing should be an evolution; not a destination.  For any of us to think that we published a book and now the journey is over would be ludicrous.  We should be continually growing, not only in the craft, our story-telling ability, but our comprehension and grasp of grammar.

Add to this, there are times we come across reviews, or receive emails that may mention issues in a published book.  It’s never easy to see the low star reviews with comments on grammar or editing, but we, as authors, can grow from this.

With this said, I am telling my readers:  I hear you.

I’ve received so much positive feedback on my writing and encouragement to keep at it.  But, I have also not been immune to comments about such things as noted above.

It is with extreme pleasure that I would like to announce that all of my books, including those published previously (Ties that Bind, Justified, and Eleven) have all been professionally edited and re-uploaded—both Kindle and print versions!

Eleven (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

And, here’s another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: the characters from Eleven will be back.  If you haven’t met Brandon Fisher, now’s the time.  Introducing the Brandon Fisher FBI Series.

Thank you for letting my creative worlds become a part of yours.