In Plenty of Time for Christmas...

We’ve no doubt all run across those posts from authors announcing that they had to make modifications to their books, whether it be facts, editing/grammar, or other issues.  Whenever I’ve come across these, first, I was thankful it wasn’t me, but more importantly, I thought what courage on behalf of the author.  It built my respect for them.  It shows that they view their writing, the publishing industry, and their readers of utmost importance--and that’s the way it should be.

Writing and publishing should be an evolution; not a destination.  For any of us to think that we published a book and now the journey is over would be ludicrous.  We should be continually growing, not only in the craft, our story-telling ability, but our comprehension and grasp of grammar.

Add to this, there are times we come across reviews, or receive emails that may mention issues in a published book.  It’s never easy to see the low star reviews with comments on grammar or editing, but we, as authors, can grow from this.

With this said, I am telling my readers:  I hear you.

I’ve received so much positive feedback on my writing and encouragement to keep at it.  But, I have also not been immune to comments about such things as noted above.

It is with extreme pleasure that I would like to announce that all of my books, including those published previously (Ties that Bind, Justified, and Eleven) have all been professionally edited and re-uploaded—both Kindle and print versions!

Eleven (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

And, here’s another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: the characters from Eleven will be back.  If you haven’t met Brandon Fisher, now’s the time.  Introducing the Brandon Fisher FBI Series.

Thank you for letting my creative worlds become a part of yours.


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