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It's game time! Ha!  My friend Kirkus MacGowan nominated me for The Lucky 7 Meme.  It's where I'm to go to page 77 of a current work in progress, to line 7 and share the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs.  After I share mine, I'm to nominate 7 others.

I've decided to share a "sneak peek" at SACRIFICE, the third in The Madison Knight series, coming this summer.

Here's the blurb:  The Bradshaw River claims lives every year.  But when the body of a young man washes up during a winter thaw, it’s obvious he wasn’t a victim of the high waters.  Now it’s up to Major Crimes Detective Madison Knight and her partner to find out the truth.  But things only get more complicated when his identity comes back as the son of Marcus Randall, business tycoon and founder of an investments firm worth billions. 

With Marcus Randall already on the radar of the Secret Service for fraud and counterfeiting, the investigation sheds new light and they require the full co-operation of the Stiles PD.  But with power and money to back him, Marcus has a reach that extends right inside the police department.

In order to find out the truth, Detective Knight must sort through the lies and balance diplomacy with politics or sacrifice everything, including her career, trying. 

The below excerpt is taken from a meeting with Chief McAlexandar and the Secret Service.  They're trying to establish the depth of his relationship with the deceased billionaire father.  (The following excerpt is not necessarily the final version.)

“I am an officer of the law, gentlemen.  My relationship with Randall has nothing to with my job.”
“So you do have a relationship?”  Weiss raised his brows.  He didn’t wait for McAlexandar to respond.  “We are not willing to take that risk.”
“However, you expect us to hand over our evidence files in full?”
“We simply require access to them.”  He matched eyes with the Chief.  “Moments earlier you didn’t seem too sure it was a murder case.”  Albert Weiss was young and wet behind the ears, but observant.
“It is being investigated as such if you had been listening, Mr. Weiss.”  …And not dreaming of jacking off.
“Alright gentlemen, we’ll keep in touch.”  Henry Walters the supervising agent rose from the table and extended a hand toward him.
McAlexandar returned with a solid shake.  As he reached across the table he heard and felt the vibration of his cell phone in his suit jacket pocket.  He had a bad feeling about the caller’s identity.  He would leave it until later when he had some privacy.  Right now, he was just happy to leave the company of the Secret Service.
Now to name the victims...I mean 'er the people I would love to tag for this lovely event.  Listed in no particular order.

Richard C Hale
Ann Swann
Sandy Wolters
Ashley Fontainne
Derek Graystone
Jennifer Chase
Jen Blood

If they don't have time to share with us, I understand as everyone is busy, so no hard feelings guys!  If you can share with us, terrific :)


  1. after the manager at the racetrack is arrested for his part in the identity theft racket.

    “Get your note pad out lady, I have names, addresses, telephone numbers and one nice story to tell you about a greedy NASCAR driver.”
    Sara and Mickey were in Mickey’s office when Murphy swung by. “Congrats ladies! I heard you guys hit pay dirt at the track.”
    Mickey replied, “Yep, solid gold all the way! Better yet was the performance Sara did on Larry’s libido in the interview room. Sarah was ready to strip for the little pig to get him to talk.”
    “Yeah I had his jewels twisting in the breeze and then told him Mickey was the bad cop and her boobs were fake.”
    Murphy laughed at this and exclaimed that they were way worse than any male cop. “You girls had dinner yet? I’ll buy seeing as you got a major collar.”
    “Works for us. The old war horse is down making the little twerp spew. We gave them some McD’s to chew on while they deal and present their case for a plea bargain. If anyone can get names out of the little weasel it’s Dragon face Doreen.”
    “Thought you said he was a pig?”
    “Okay he’s the product of what you would get if a weasel mixed it up with a pig’”
    “Yeah either way, the smell is pretty bad.”
    With that the three detectives walked out of Cheever’s office to find some real food.


    1. Mine is from my WIP called NEAR SIGHTED and it starts right in the middle of some dialogue. One of the characters is known only as Lucky, and Ginny is trying to coaxe his real name out of him.

      She thought for a minute and he was glad her mind had wandered off the subject of Pam. “You look like a Luke.”

      “Do you think I would be embarrassed of Luke? Try again.”

      She smiled. “I was being nice. Alright, how about Arnold?”

      “Arnold? You’re kidding right? No. You’ll never guess.”

      She smacked him in the arm. “Give me a clue then.”

      “It starts with an ‘E’.”

      “Is that even a real name? No.” He chuckled. “How ‘bout we just stick with Lucky. I like my nickname.”

    2. Thank you for sharing writerchick. And Richard, I especially like the name Arnold ha! lol

  3. Excerpt from Adjusting Journal Entries!

    The wind left Elaine's lungs so quickly that she felt like someone had just kicked her in the stomach, accompanied by a wave of dizziness when she recognized the names and faces looming on the screen. Shock overrode her sense of stealth and she involuntarily turned the volume up to listen as the familiar face of the local reporter from Channel Six reported on the national news of the mysterious death of Olin, along with the deaths of Piper and Kevin. Elaine sucked in a ragged breath at the same moment she tried to slurp a drink of coffee and began choking, her coughing spasms so loud that they awoke Eric.

    Elaine failed to hear or see Eric come down the hall while she sputtered and gagged, succeeding in only spilling the hot liquid all over her thick robe and onto the beautiful white rug under her feet. She leaned over to set the half empty mug on the coffee table when she felt a presence behind her. Hoping it was one of the twins, which would be a lot easier to explain the “sudden” resurrection of the television, her heart cringed when she realized it was Eric, expecting a verbal tirade of “what the hell is going on?”

    Instead, Elaine was greeted not with the angry, red faced man that could cuss a sailor to shame that she was used to, but one that was so pale it looked like a ghost just wandered through the halls of his mind. He didn’t yell, didn’t pose a question and didn’t even acknowledge Elaine’s presence. An overwhelming sense of fear coursed through her and slowly, she turned her head to follow his gaze to the screen, trying to cover up her spinning thoughts as her husband's stiff frame shook when Nicole's name flashed across the screen.

  4. Excerpt: Dead Burn

    Relived and limping slightly, Emily squeezed through the slim opening that was once an entrance to the underground room.
    “You okay?” Rick examined her leg.
    “I’m fine. I want to get more photos, but the fall smashed the camera. Well… it actually broke my fall.” She laughed. “Hopefully the internal card is still okay.”
    Rick retrieved his cell phone and gave it to Emily. He grabbed her arm with his usual intensity. “You’ve got to be more careful.”
    Emily turned her full attention to him, even though her mind was several steps ahead in the serial arson investigation. “It’s okay, I’m fine.” She touched his cheek and lingered for a moment. “We would have never found out about this basement entrance if I didn’t fall into it.”


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