#Interviews, Guest Posts and More

In the last week or so, I've been very honored to be featured on several sites.  I wanted to share these with you so maybe, if you had time, you could check these posts out and also learn more about the wonderful people who have hosted me.

A big thank you to:

Carmen DeSousa @Author_Carmen

Detective Madison Knight at the shrink's office?  No way you say.  Well she is now. Catch an exclusive peek into the mind and make-up of Madison Knight.  A fictional piece written for this purpose of this post.

Douglas Dorow @DougDorow

Doug asked me some good questions, such as:  What recommendations do you have for other writers who are looking to publish the stories they've written? and What's the most surprising thing you've learned as an author this past year?

Ann Swann @Ann_Swann

Ann asked me to share the funniest, scariest, or strangest thing that ever happened to me.  Her response to what I told her?  Oooh, you’re right, I love it!  Manifestation of a character . . . cue the Twilight Zone soundtrack. 

Ashley Fontainne @AshleyFontainne

Get inside the mind of a killer with this excerpt of Chapter 3 from TIES THAT BIND.

Kirkus MacGowan  @KirkusMacGowan

How can we balance everything--writing, editing, marketing, social marketing and still read?  I provide 5 tips that might be able to help you.


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