Reclaiming My Soul, A Poem

There is light at the aperture
but the darkness taunts me
and pulls me back.

It envelopes me and pulls me down.
Sinking as if in mire,
My dreams and loves suppressed.

Suffocating and lonely
A tortured soul
How can I find the strength to move on.

The voices haunt me,
the judgement passing,
Steal my breath.

But deep within I know
I must find the courage to soar
To leave behind their solemn words.

But see to them I must be as they say
Conform to their life,
And be their way.

No love is worth this price to pay
For in my depth I know one day
The time will come for me to shine
to rise above and claim what’s mine.

I am liberated as a bird,
Rising in the updrafts
My plumes reach toward the sky.

Liberated I carry on,
One step forward,
And none behind.

One day when I awake,
I know I will have found
The belief in who I am renewed.

The light will embrace me
In its warmth
And then I’ll know that I’ve come home.

I hope you enjoyed my poem, as inspired by recent events in my life, as well as this photograph.

What does this photo inspire in you?  A poem, a description, a small passage?  Please share it with us.

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