A Picture Says a 1000 Words....

Jeannie, my mother named me that after I Dream of Jeannie, if only my life were that easy.  The wiggle of a nose, and everything sets right.  Life had never been that way, and I never expected it to be.

Sam told me loved me on my sixteenth birthday.  He handed me the purple flower many would call a weed, and tucked it behind an ear.  As he swept my hair back, he kissed me on the cheek and said I would always be his girl.

Everything made sense then, the way the world worked, the boy gets the girl--and I was more than willing to be his girl.  But times changed, moments passed by, choices were executed, mistakes  were made.

Fifteen years have passed, and my husband isn’t Sam.  I married up as they say.  Rich lives in a suit, and even stalks around the condo in one.  Luxurious surroundings, laid out by a professional decorator.  I feel a stranger in my home, the dark contrasts of textures are not my calling.  They don’t wrap around me, and embrace me in warmth.

As I lift myself up from the marble floor, and run the back of a hand across the fresh cut on my lip, I dream of the day so many years ago when the man who truly was my soul mate handed me a flower and promised to love me forever. The man who shadows me now will not intimidate me forever.  I know I am worth so much more than this.  For once I had true love, I will find it again.

What does this picture say to you? I'd love to read your interpretation.

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